Joaquin Castro Got What He Wanted — Trump Donors Are Threatened


Rep. Joaquin Castro, brother of presidential candidate Julian, got what he wanted when he published a nasty tweet with the names and information on local Trump donors, eight of whom also donated to him or his brother. In the tweet, he accused Trump donors of “fueling a campaign of hate.”

Joaquin singled out donors he would dox by race because he left all Latino/a donors to Trump off his hit list.

That’s the latest planned attack by Democrats — call Trump supporters haters, white supremacists, and even murderers.

He wanted the donors to be abused and they are in that position. The nutjobs he called up with his hateful tweet are rising from whatever rock they live under.

What kind of congressman does a thing like this? His ethics are sorely lacking.

KTRH News Radio shared a message one of Trump’s donors got after Julian Castro posted it in a tweet. It contains graphic language.

Here is another:

Here’s another:

Now the talking head lunatics are calling for assaults.

As Rep. Collins said, this is “dangerous” and “reckless.” Freedom of speech should never be threatened for political gains, and no American should be targeted for their beliefs.

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