Joe Biden Appears to Have Set Up the Shady Burisma Deal for His Son


Biden claims ignorance of his son’s dealings, but that isn’t the case.

According to a meeting transcript John Solomon obtained from sources in Europe, then-Vice President Joe Biden pointedly laid the groundwork in 2014 for a hugely lucrative natural gas deal involving a company that had hired his son Hunter. His son cashed in on the deal weeks later, raking in over a million dollars, just for joining the board of Burisma Holdings less than three weeks later.

Mind you Hunter Biden had no experience or expertise in gas, energy, or Ukraine.

As for Joe, he keeps claiming he had nothing to do with any of it.

“While talking to US diplomats today overseas in Europe I learned that on April 22, 2014, less than three weeks before the Burisma Holdings announced that Hunter Biden was joining their board, Vice President Joe Biden met with the Prime Minister of Ukraine and in that meeting, according to a transcript that I obtained tonight, Joe Biden specifically encouraged the Ukrainians to expand natural gas production with the help of Americans coming to the country,” Solomon said. “He set up the exact scenario that Hunter Biden just a few weeks later cashed in on.”

The Ukrainians were trying to answer those questions when Biden threatened them as he admitted in a now-viral 2018 tape.

“But I do think the evidence that the Ukrainians possess and would like to give to the U.S. Justice Department – it’s sitting there to be handed over to someone from the Justice Department who could pick that up tomorrow,” Solomon told Hannity last night on his show.


In an important article at The Hill, John Solomon explains that it was the Democrats who were involved in Ukraine from the beginning, long before Rudy Giuliani or Donald Trump.

Senator Chris Murphy in a recent statement made it clear to Ukraine they had better not investigate the Bidens, knowing how dependent the nation is on us for military assistance.

Murphy boasted after a House meeting aimed at investigating Trump’s comments to Ukraine that he told the new Ukrainian leader that U.S. aid was his country’s “most important asset” and it would be viewed as election-meddling and “disastrous for long-term U.S.-Ukraine relations” to bend to the wishes of Trump and Giuliani.

The Democrats want to investigate Trump’s dealings with Ukraine but they don’t want any investigation of the Bidens.

Since 2016, the Democrats have pressured Ukraine to meddle in U.S. politics and elections, but it has to be in their favor.

Long before the President and Rudy Giuliani, then-Vice President Joe Biden used a threat of canceling foreign aid to shut down an investigation into $3 million routed to the U.S. firm run by Biden’s son.

As John Solomon reported, the pressure began at least as early as January 2016, when the Obama White House unexpectedly invited Ukraine’s top prosecutors to Washington to discuss fighting corruption in the country.

At the meeting, ostensibly for training, the Obama administration pressured Ukraine’s prosecutors to drop the probe into Burisma Holding gas company, Hunter Biden’s company.

Nazar Kholodnytsky, Ukraine’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor, told Solomon that, soon after he returned from the Washington meeting, he saw evidence in Ukraine of political meddling in the U.S. election. That’s when two top Ukrainian officials released secret evidence to the American media, smearing Manafort.

The release of the evidence forced Manafort to step down as Trump’s top campaign adviser. A Ukrainian court concluded last December that the release of the evidence amounted to an unlawful intervention in the U.S. election by Kiev’s government, although that ruling has since been overturned on a technicality.

Shortly after, Valeriy Chaly, the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States at the time, confirmed to Solomon in a statement issued by his office that, in March 2016, a contractor for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) pressed his embassy to try to find any Russian dirt on Trump and Manafort that might reside in Ukraine’s intelligence files.

Ukraine rebuffed the Obama administration.

Then Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in crucial U.S. aid to Kiev if Poroshenko did not fire the country’s chief prosecutor. Ukraine would have been bankrupted without the aid, so Poroshenko obliged on March 29, 2016, and fired Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

Biden knew they were investigating Burisma, the company his son worked for, receiving $83,000 a month.

At the time, Solomon says, Ukrainian prosecutors were preparing a request to interview Hunter Biden about his activities and the monies he was receiving from Ukraine. That could have had serious implications for the 2016 election that Democrats didn’t want.

Democrats continued to tap Ukraine for Trump dirt throughout the 2016 election, Solomon’s reporting shows.

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