Joe Biden falls back on his plagiarism skills to present his GND


Biden announced his version of the Green New Deal (GND) which amounts to another. unsustainable program while we wallow in ever-increasing debt of $22.3 trillion and more than a $100 trillion of unfunded liabilities. If other nations, including our enemy China, decide at any moment to stop loaning us money — since we don’t have the money to pay the bills — it’s curtains.

The agenda is determined by know-nothing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and she has decided the GND is number one on the agenda or we will die or something in 12 years. Biden picked up on that and came out with his $6.7 trillion deal which will include imaginary funding from cronies in large corporations.

The presidential candidate Uncle Joe also claims we have only 12 years left, but we heard it was 12 years last year, so isn’t it 11?

Biden is calling for net zero emissions which cannot be achieved for the simple fact that alternative energy requires fossil fuels for its very existence.

The Biden GND would put the entire U.S. economy in the hands of the Democrat party.

Biden, as Tucker says in the first clip, took that directly from AOC, and that’s not all. He also plagiarized from others in at least five instances.

Josh Nelson, co-director of environmentalist group CREDO Action, highlighted two instances where Biden’s campaign used the exact same language as left-wing nonprofits, without citations, Daily Caller reported. The Daily Called cited three others they themselves picked up.

Biden’s up to his old plagiarism tricks, mostly because he has no original thoughts of his own.


Biden announced his candidacy for president of the United States in June 1987 and was considered one of the potentially strongest candidates in the field.

However, in September 1987, newspaper stories stated he had plagiarized a speech by British politician Neil Kinnock. Other allegations of past law school plagiarism and exaggerations of his academic record soon followed.

As it turned out, he was counterfeiting many of his speeches from famous people such as Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy.

He claimed he finished in the top half of his law school when he actually finished near the bottom. Biden almost got thrown out of college for plagiarism but he begged and they let him repeat the course. Then he did the only thing he could do, he went into politics.

Biden withdrew from the race after he was exposed.

Biden finished in the bottom half of his class:

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