Joe Biden Makes One of His Most Appalling Accusations Yet


Seth Aaron Ator, 36, was a weird man and a loner who killed seven people and injured numerous others after shooting them at RANDOM in Midland and Odessa Texas. He shot black, white, Hispanic, young and old, who happened to cross his path. Biden knows that, but that didn’t stop him from suggesting he was a white supremacist.

There is no information yet on why the killer did it and no motive. In a recent, most appalling interview, Biden talked about white supremacy in relation to the killings. He didn’t mention the mass shooting on Friday by a black man of black kids, nor did he mention the 1800 people killed in Chicago so far this year.

Authorities said Monday that Ator shouldn’t have had the gun at all. It appears that he had the gun illegally. Police continue to search for a motive. What we do know is he left a long, rambling message on the FBI hotline and was on “a long spiral down.”

During an interview in Cedar Rapids yesterday, Biden continued his campaign of lying.

Even though Ator had the gun illegally, Biden told a reporter, “And having assault weapons on the street with magazines counting multiple bullets is irrational. There’s no need for it. And your Second Amendment rights are in no way violated.”

Apparently, we will be allowed to have guns with single bullets and Joe claims that would not violate the Constitution. He also said there is no compromise with Republicans on guns and there is no solution.


The reporter then moved on to the death penalty for mass shooters: “Vice President Biden, the current vice president Mike Pence, his spokesman has just said that the V.P. is in contact with the Attorney General, and as part of gun violence legislation they will include an expediting death penalty for mass murderers. What is your sense on that?”

That’s when Biden insinuated the Midland-Odessa killer was a white supremacist and all these shooters are white supremacists.

Biden told the reporter, “It’s irrelevant. Look, this is what we’ve always done before in the past. It’s what you do when you can’t get something done that’s rational, you increase the penalty for the irrational. It has nothing to do with rational gun policy. Do you think the death penalty will stop that last guy, stop the white supremacist who blew everybody up in Texas? I don’t think so.”

Joe wants you to believe that all mass shooters are white supremacists inspired by the President. As far as the death penalty not stopping mass shooters, it will stop the killer and it might turn off some would-be narcissist killers who don’t want such an inglorious end.

These evil people commit crimes in prison, write memoirs, and sometimes get released thanks to the misguided judges and groups who work on their behalf, perhaps not mass killers, but killers.


Joe Biden is strongly suggesting the Midland-Odessa killer was a white supremacist and that is the label they are trying to pin on the President and anyone who supports him. He wants us to think that all these killers are white supremacists.

The madman killed people of all colors and there is nothing to indicate he was political at all. He lived in a shack with no running water or electricity and had no online presence.

Hours before Seth Ator went on a killing spree, shooting people at random, he was fired from his job.

He and his employer called the Odessa Police Department that morning, police said. When police officers arrived at the company’s office, Ator had left.

“Basically, they were complaining on each other” over the firing, Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke said. Ator did not make threats of violence.

Later in the day, Ator left a “rambling” statement with an FBI tip line but did not make a specific threat, FBI special agent Christopher Combs said during a news conference Monday.

Fifteen minutes after the call to the FBI, state troopers with the Texas Department of Public Safety stopped Ator, who was driving a gold-color sedan, because he didn’t signal a turn on the highway. That was contradicted in a later report (see below).

That’s when the slaughter began.

A later report stated that Ator called the FBI after the murders. It also stated that he was blocked from buying a gun because he was mentally unfit.


If Biden meant the El Paso killer when he mentioned white supremacy, that is also questionable. The killer, Patrick Crusius, wanted to stop illegal immigrants and Mexicans but he was a leftist on climate change and other issues. He said in his manifesto that he wasn’t doing it for political reasons.

He was worried about immigration, overpopulating the earth, automation, jobs, universal basic income, oil drilling, watersheds, waste, plastic waste, paper waste, corporations, sustainability, college debt, healthcare, as Byron York also points out.

That is not Trumpian.

It’s also certainly not Republican to hurt immigrants, illegal or not, and certainly not Mexicans.


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4 years ago

Everyone who’s experienced the mental decline of a parent or elderly loved one can see what’s happening to Joe. Senility is not pretty but it’s a fact. And Joe is exhibiting the symptoms.