Joe Biden’s hot, hairy legs & learning about roaches


A newly resurfaced video clip from 2017 shows Joe Biden recounting a strange tale that went under the radar when he first made it. It appears to have been during his already very strange ‘corn pop‘ speech at a pool in Delaware.

In the full clip, he talked about his encounter with a gang member named Corn Pop. In the alleged incident, he claims he deftly avoided a razor-and-chain fight with a gang leader named Corn Pop. This incident took place — allegedly — when Biden was serving as the only lifeguard at a predominately black Delaware pool in the summer of 1962.

The story was told in front of a small gathering that included children.

Biden is usually the hero in the middle of many of his stories.

All I can say is oh my God, Joe gotta go.

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2 years ago

What does he mean “I learned about ‘roaches’.”? What are “roaches”?

Philip Coffman
Philip Coffman
2 years ago

He is such a pandering SOB and the gullibles fall right in line with him. Not one could see this tactic honed to perfection by Democrats. Not one can honestly say their lives are better off after Obama.

1 year ago
Reply to  Philip Coffman

My life has been so so so much better off after Obama!! Are you fucking kidding me! You must have been lucky enough to have clinged on to a shitty job while everyone else got laid off and put on welfare during obama