Joe Biden’s Most Ridiculous Campaign


Joe Biden told a nice story about how as Vice President during the Parkland school shooting, he “watched what happened when the kids from Parkland marched up…I met with them, and then they went up on the hill, when I was Vice President.”

That’s very nice only the Parkland shooting took place two years after he left office.

He’s lying again. He just makes up stuff. Some are saying he did meet with the Parkland students in 2018 but, even if that is true, he wasn’t Vice President.

President Trump, prior to this latest gaffe, asks, “Does anybody really believe he is mentally fit to be president? We are “playing” in a very big and complicated world. Joe doesn’t have a clue!”

Even CBS News questioned his ability to serve based on his age. They are likely thinking he’s losing it.

CBS News’ reporter Ed O’Keefe in Iowa is questioning Joe as a candidate because his age is showing. He then talks about his stammering and stumbling on the campaign trail. Some of his gaffes are embarrassing. Can you see him going up against Trump? He’ll bulldoze him.

Prior to announcing his candidacy, Biden said he thought he was too old. He was right, he is an old 76 years of age.

He is often normal, but when he gets tired, he’s out of it.

Go to 04:30:

In the past few days Joe said: his favorite historical figure, not a political figure, was Thomas Jefferson who wrote that incredible document; he said poor kids are just as smart as “white kids”; called Theresa May “Margaret Thatcher”; said he believes “truth over facts”; and advised people to forget the 2nd Amendment, it’s not absolute, and you can’t fight the government because you don’t have F-15s.

This is not going well at all.

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