Joe Sleepy Biden says Trump is “fanning the flames of white supremacy”


Joe Biden used the manufactured white supremacy mantra to bolster his candidacy in Iowa while stumping. He’s no different than the other Democrat presidential candidates who will exploit this tragedy of mass shootings and use it to campaign on.

At least two of the shooters are not right-wing white supremacists although the Dayton killer might qualify as a left-wing white supremacist. The El Paso killer had several cultural Marxist values.

Biden claims the President is “fanning the flames of white supremacy,” but all the fanning is coming from Democrats and their media. Sleepy Joe called Trump “low-energy,” no joke.

Joe BiteMe said, Trump “fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. … How far is it from Trump’s saying this ‘is an invasion’ to the shooter in El Paso declaring ‘his attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas?’ Not far at all.”

That’s vile but nothing is too low for creepy Joe.

After the speech, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin said, “Wow. You have been listening to former Vice President Joe Biden with an absolutely blistering attack against the president of the United States. The Democratic presidential candidate says President Trump is fanning the flames of white supremacy.”

Democrats undoubtedly think this is impressive and something to shout about.

The hate is coming from the left.

The anti-Trump attacks and attacks on his supporters are 24/7.

The mass shootings are hardly a surprise. Our society is collapsing. No morals, single parents, free love, white men demonized, women are amazons, no borders, no religion too.

At least Joe is very respectful of other Democrat identity groups. For example, he recognized, shocked though he was, that Obama was “clean, articulate, bright,” and even “good-looking.’ Imagine his surprise. I mean, that’s “storybook.”

It’s okay for Joe to be a supremacist since he’s a Democrat.

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