Joe Walsh opens his campaign admitting he said racist things for years but he’s not racist


Walsh campaign

Primary challenger, a self-described higher moral authority to Trump, Joe Walsh, a blooming crackpot, says he is not a racist but had said “racist things.”

“I wouldn’t call myself a racist, but I would say I’ve said racist things on Twitter. There’s no doubt about it. And an apology is not enough,” Walsh, who represented Illinois’ 8th Congressional District between 2011 and 2013, said on MSNBC.

The man served only one term because people realized what a jerk he is. He does represent Never Trumpers quite well, however.

Walsh was confronted by MSNBC’s John Heilemann about his history of controversial statements, including the accusation that former President Obama was a Muslim.

“I’ve probably sent out 40,000 tweets in the last six years. No excuse. You and I could sit down and find 200 to 300 that you’d say, ‘Walsh what were you thinking?’ And all I can do is own them and explain them and apologize as sincerely as I can for the ones that deserve an apology.”

He’s right about that, it’s no excuse.

What is really funny is the leftists who were rooting for him are saying just because he has a long history of saying racist things, it doesn’t mean he’s not right about Trump. That is pathetic.

Walsh is just awful, maybe even mentally ill.

He is alleged to be a deadbeat dad.

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