Joe’s probably not getting that Obama endorsement


Maybe it’s just a fail-safe for Barack Obama who is working the strings behind the curtain, or it could just be that sleepy Joe Biden will never get the Obama endorsement. He’s certainly not getting it when he needs it the most. The opposite of an endorsement is true. Leaks from Obama indicate he doesn’t think Biden is up to it.

Obama’s likely inching away from Biden despite the national polls in Biden’s favor. The polls might not hold.

Hundreds of veterans of Barack Obama’s campaigns and administration have signed on to endorse Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president, as other Democratic presidential candidates compete to claim Obama’s legacy, CNN reported.

They see the writing on the wall.

The Iowa caucuses are only two month away and St. Pete Buttigieg the Sanctimonious, son of a famous communist professor, is in the lead in Iowa and New Hampshire, not Joe Biden. The fake Indian Elizabeth Warren is lapping at their heels.

More than 200 Obama alumni joined a signature-gathering effort to endorse Elizabeth Warren. It was led by a pair of former senior Obama aides, Sara El-Amine (national director of Obama’s 2012 campaign) and Jon Carson (national field director for Obama in 2008). They both served as field directors of Organizing for America, an Obama propaganda outfit — that is important to note.

Warren endorsers include Robert Ford, ex-US ambassador to Syria, and Sean Carroll, a former senior official at USAID. It also features Obama alumni who are currently working on the Warren campaign full-time including in senior-most positions, like Warren chief strategist Joe Rospars, senior adviser Emily Parcell, national political director Rebecca Pearcey and national director of public engagement, Alencia Johnson, CNN reported.

However, the Biden campaign had also unveiled major endorsements a while back, including ex-Cabinet members like former Secretary of State John Kerry, former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, former Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, and former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis.

Warren’s endorsements aren’t Cabinet-level.

On the campaign trail, South Bend, Indiana Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, compares his campaign to Obama’s. He has three Obama endorsements, Austan Goolsbee, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Obama, Linda Douglass, the former director of communications for the White House Office of Health Reform, and Reggie Love, Obama’s special assistant and personal aide.

All of the candidates are far-left with policies that will destroy the country, but, hey, it’s what Democrats want.

Maybe it’s Sleepy Joe’s hairy legs layered with blond hairs that are causing the problem:

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