John Bolton – Iran Has “Terror Networks All Over This Hemisphere”



Catherine Herridge, Chief Intelligence correspondent for the Fox News Channel, reviewed the World Threat Assessment report on Greta Van Susteran’s show Wednesday night.

She said that documents, photos, congressional testimony referred to in the World Threat Assessment report “show that Iran is effectively expanding its influence to South America, into our neighbor”.

“A facility in Bolivia – no friends of ours – was set up in 2011 with Iranian backing. It’s supposed to be a military academy but it’s heavily fortified. The suspicion is it’s being used by Iran as a way to have a footprint in Bolivia,” Herridge said.

Iran is using Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela as a launching pad to North America.

Former Ambassador Bolton reacted to the report saying Iran has “terror networks all over this hemisphere”.

“Three years ago, the Justice Department indicted senior officials of the Revolutionary Guards who conspired to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington by infiltrating through the Mexican border,” Bolton said.

“They [Iran] buried their nuclear program in a mountainside in Iran and lied about it, but now we find out that they’ve got this heavily guarded thing in Bolivia,” Greta said. “Bolivia’s not our friend…it’s suspicious.”

“In Venezuela as well,” Bolton added,”which has the largest reserves of Uranium outside of Canada and the whole world has a heavy Iran presence.”

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