John Brennan Was Hired by NBC to Attack Devin Nunes


Former CIA Director John Brennan has been hired as a paid contributor by NBC and MSNBC, the media company announced. He led the agency from 2013 to early 2017, under President Barack Obama.

He is going to serve as an Alinsky attack dog against all the revelations about the DoJ and FBI swamp. MSM is lining up their own little KGB.

The former spy made his first appearance in his new role on ‘Meet the Press’ Sunday and took the opportunity to accuse Nunes of being “exceptionally partisan” and abusing his role to protect Trump.

John Brennan was hired to destroy Devin Nunes.

The Ex-CIA Director is on the record inciting open rebellion against the current government of the United States. He has called for a coup.

“I think it’s the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry out” such orders, Brennan told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at the Aspen Security Forum. He’s openly calling for insurrection.

He is the one who spied on the Trump campaign.


Brennan not only spied on the Trump campaign, he spied on all Americans but, don’t worry, he didn’t “wittingly” lie.

Brennan once voted for the Communist Party.

“We’ve all had indiscretions in our past,” the CIA director said.

People have accused CIA Director John Brennan of being a closeted Muslim but Communist might be a better guess. Brennan admitted he voted for the Communist Party candidate in the 1976 presidential election and was still allowed into the CIA.

Brennan told a congressional panel discussion on diversity in September 2016 that he “froze” while taking a CIA polygraph test…when the questioner asked him if he had ever worked with or for a group that was “dedicated to overthrowing the U.S.,” CNN reported.

He made his comments during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual conference.

“This was back in 1980, and I thought back to a previous election where I voted, and I voted for the Communist Party candidate,” Brennan said. “I froze, because I was getting so close to coming into CIA and said, ‘OK, here’s the choice, John. You can deny that, and the machine is probably going to go, you know, wacko, or I can acknowledge it and see what happens.’”

“I said I was neither Democratic or Republican, but it was my way, as I was going to college, of signaling my unhappiness with the system, and the need for change,” Brennan stated. “I said I’m not a member of the Communist Party, so the polygrapher looked at me and said, ‘OK,’ and when I was finished with the polygraph and I left and said, ‘Well, I’m screwed.’”

Brennan voted for Gus Hall for president.

The four-times presidential candidate Gus Hall, was a Marxist-Leninist who ran the Communist Party USA. He was closely tied to and openly supportive of the Soviets.

NBC News is where old commies go to die. They also go to CNN where James Comey’s friend and former top aide Josh Campbell will spew his propaganda.

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left blank
left blank
4 years ago

Brennen Mueller and Hilary traveled to Tunisia to get the leader of
the Benghazi attack (harzi sharif ) on Christopher Stevens out of jail .
& once harzi sharif was out of the jail and clear of the building
harzi was magically killed in a surprise drone attack

Note Worthy
4 years ago

Brennan is muslim, and hates the constitution.

Parker Shannon
4 years ago

NBC is wasting their money. Brennan would be happy to do that for free.

Tim Shepperson
Tim Shepperson
4 years ago

You can just tell by looking at him that he’s a low life lying POS and was part of the most corrupt devious administration in history and you can throw that beady eyed Rep. Adam Schifty on that list.

Louis Bertrand
Louis Bertrand
4 years ago

Awful deception