John Brennan Moves from Charges of Treason to Fomenting Rebellion


The former [?] Communist and CIA Director John Brennan called Trump’s remarks at a press conference with Putin in Helsinki “treasonous” and he is not letting up on his attack. He is now urging the Intelligence community to “withhold vital intelligence”, ostensibly to protect information. That is the new line of attack — Trump is sharing secrets with Putin.

Make no mistake, the former [?] Communist is recommending  a mutiny over a few inartful comments made by the President which he has since explained.

The Washington Times reported that Brennan made the comments in a private meeting.

“Dan Coats and Gina Haspel need to be on top of their game now and speak truth to power,” he said, referring to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and CIA Director Gina Haspel. “And make sure Trump doesn’t get away with this.”

Brennan also suggested the President gave away secrets during the meeting with Putin since Putin and Trump met in private. It wasn’t exactly private since the translators were present.


Two congressional Democrats, the drooler who thinks gas prices are too low — Rep. Joe Kennedy III and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen are demanding the translators at the summit come before Congress. They want to know what was discussed. If any two congressmen can demand or subpoena people, we are in trouble.

That is the next attack on the President. It’s one we’ve heard before, at the beginning of his administration — Trump must be sharing intel with dangerous foreign powers.

Becoming quite the conspiracy theorist, Brennan continued, “I believe that whatever Mr. Trump said in that meeting is now memorialized on Russian tape and will be utilized by Putin against Trump,” the ex-CIA chief said, arguing that it would be “unbelievable” if Russia did not keep any recording of the conversation.

He also grabbed on to the conspiracy theory about Trump being blackmailed by the Kremlin although there is zero evidence for that.

“I’m just saying Trump knows and that’s why he’s so desperate to stop the Mueller investigation,” Brennan said, “Because clearly he’s concerned and, I think, fearful about what might be exposed in that investigation.”


Brennan undermines the President at every turn. About the trade deals, he told U.S. allies, “Be patient, Mr. Trump is a temporary aberration”.  President Trump wants better trade deals for the USA and people like Brennan are making it impossible.

The media joins in, claiming the President said the EU are our “foes”. What he said was they are “foes on trade” which is a true statement.

Brennan lies and committed perjury before Congress more than once.

For instance, Brennan testified in May 2017 before the House Intelligence Committee that the Steele dossier was “not in any way used as the basis for the intelligence community’s assessment” that Russia interfered in the election to help elect Donald Trump.

He repeated that on TV Sunday News shows as well.

But according to an investigative report by Paul Sprerry, former NSA director Mike Rogers and former DNI James Clapper admitted it was part of the impetus for the probe.

Brennan also swore that he did not know who commissioned the anti-Trump research document (excerpt here), even though senior national security and counterintelligence officials at the Justice Department and FBI knew the previous year that the dossier was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Devin Nunes is investigating John Brennan.


In July 2016, John Brennan made it clear that he believed insurrection is acceptable.

A discussion with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at the Aspen Security Forum focused on the ramifications of President Trump firing Robert Mueller. Brennan’s mindset was clear:

“First of all, I think it is the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry out some of these orders that — again — are inconsistent with what this country is all about,” Brennan answered.

He added, “I would just hope that this is not going to be a partisan issue. That Republicans and Democrats are going to see that the future of this country is at stake and there need to be some things done for the good of the future.”

“They don’t come any better,” Brennan once said of the shady Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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