John Fetterman (D-PA) Speaks Stupidly for Two Minutes


Pennsylvanians are at the mercy of the machine. Democrats have the machinery and all the mechanisms in place to get their candidates elected, no matter how awful they are. Sadly, they don’t care if the candidate sounds like a drunk grade schooler on pot. As long as the candidate has the “D” next to his/her name.

“D” Man

In the Senate hearing today, Fetterman went on mindlessly today. You can watch the clip below to see what I mean. And remember that our foreign enemies probably saw this by now. This disaster was brought to you by Democrats. It is Democrats who are poised to have a permanent electoral majority soon and in perpetuity. They want amnesty for the illegal aliens in this country, which will do it for them.

For this man to end up as a senator, something beyond standard politicking is happening.

It’s okay with Democrats as long as he votes the right way. That’s his only purpose.

Pennsylvania’s mess is a sure sign the country is crashing and burning. In the first clip, Fetterman is participating in the discussion of the recent bank failures.

This is an absolute disgrace, and no one in power cares enough to say:

Dr. Oz wasn’t good enough, but John Fetterman is?  Why be surprised? Look who’s in the Oval Office. It’s not as if Pennsylvanians didn’t know what they were voting for:

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