John Kasich Sidles Up to MoveOn’s Choice for SCOTUS



Wait until you hear the latest from John Kasich. It’s bad!

Republicans can NOT give in and hold a hearing on Merrick Garland. Once he has a hearing, they will be able to use every question and every answer to attack the Republicans. Garland is not a ‘moderate’ as we have been led to believe. He’s very radical and would tilt the SCOTUS to the far left. We would lose our Bill of Rights under this man.

He is a win for the wealth redistributionists and he is radical on illegal immigration. In this next video, he refers to Donald Trump to make his case before a Yale moot court trial, and what a case it is.

video via political insider

John Kasich, the wildly unpopular Republican candidate for president, has a different view. On CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” the fence-sitting, mealy-mouthed “adult”  argues in favor of a president’s right to have judicial nominations confirmed.

He states:

My feeling is, at the end of the day, whoever gets elected president should be in a position to be able to pick you know who they want and the American people will either decide by voting for a Republican or Democrat what the makeup of the court is.

In fairness, he was asked the question and it’s hard to answer differently but both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have answered differently, saying they would consider nominees like Justice Scalia.

The Democrats long ago abandoned the process and eviscerated Republican candidates, most notably the esteemed Robert Bork. They have blocked all Supreme Court nominees in a run-up to the election.

Kasich might as well join the Democrat party. As if it couldn’t get worse, Kasich said he would he would consider the liberal nominee.

Well, you know, he received you know overwhelming support, I think even from Senator Hatch, so of course we’d think about it.

He does not possess any core Republican values nor does he understand what is going on between the far left and the Democrat party today. He is missing the part about the far left takeover and the subsequent loss of our freedoms.

Instead of rejecting this outright, he is fine with it. He is the epitome of the go along to get along loser the GOP members are rebelling against.

If the RINOs put Kasich in, they will lose the election but they will keep their positions as toadies.

Listen to this blubbering fool. He claims that expecting the leading candidates to win is like his daughter comes in and says she got an 86 and the others got less so she should get an A.

That’s how it works on a sliding scale.

They “can’t win Ohio, I can tell you that”, he said. Kasich has only won Ohio so the GOP will lose 49 states.

Well, he can’t win a state besides Ohio, I can tell you that.

Talk about circuitous reasoning from the man who would be president.


Watch the video and the people Kasich would side with.

Reid refused to do his duty with more than 200 House bills. Both Reid and Schumer wouldn’t consider a GOP nominee for SCOTUS. Listen to Chuck Schumer worry in this video about the GOP becoming the minority party in the Senate again. Chuck wouldn’t be able to live with himself if the Republicans were in the minority and he was leader. [sarcasm]


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