John Kerry Takes Up the Cause of Illegal Alien Cop Killer


Guy Gaddis

Houston Police Officer Guy Gaddis

Update: The cop killer was executed at 9:32 pm.

Can’t these people take up noble causes? Why do these people – John Kerry types – feel the need to protect heartless murderers?

John Kerry and Mark White, a former Texas governor and state attorney general, are trying to halt the execution of a vicious cop killer because the UN World Court ordered it and the Mexican government has been demanding it.

The killer has supporters among the liberal crowd who are worried he might suffer a cruel and unusual death.

Murdered Officer Guy Gaddis served his country in Desert Storm and was on the Houston police force for two years. He was transporting two handcuffed prisoners to jail. One of the prisoners, Edgar Arias Tamayo, acquired and concealed a gun which he pulled out and used to kill the officer.

Tamayo premeditated the murder of Officer Gaddis. He shot him twice in the back of the head in January 1994.

Officer Gaddis left behind a pregnant wife and his parents.

Tamayo is scheduled to die by lethal execution this evening.

There is a memorial for the slain officer on the Officer Down Memorial Page [odmp] and the messages are heartbreaking, especially this one:

 Hi Dad,

I never really knew about this website until I found it, all these people have such beautiful things to say about you. I wish I got the chance to meet you. I might not be able to say I miss you, but I can say I love you with everything that I am.

Even without you being here, you have made sure me and my mom are taken care of. You have also provided me with a wonderful opportunity to make something of myself.

I graduated from high school about a year ago, and now I’m going to college to become a nurse. I love hearing stories about you. Everyone says I remind them of you, I have your eyes. I have dreams about you all the time, those are my favorite dreams.

I met this guy dad, I’m so in love with him, he treats me really good, Mom really likes him. I hope you’re looking down on me, and proud of the daughter you created.

Houston made this beautiful memorial for you it was on the news a few months back.

You were a very honorable man, and I can tell that you were such a beautiful person. I look at pictures of you all the time, you always had a smile on your face. Whenever I’m having a bad day I like to talk to you, because I know you’re always listening to me. I know I can overcome anything, because you’re are always by my side protecting me. I love you so much daddy, and thank you for everything.

Love your daughter,
Stephanie Gaddis
March 22, 2013

This case has been lingering for almost 20 years and the murderer has had endless opportunities for appeal.

Mexico has been asking the US to halt Tamayo’s execution because the inmate was not told he could get legal help from the Mexican government, as agreed under the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

The United Nations International Court of Justice, also known as the World Court, ordered the U.S. 10 years ago to reconsider the convictions of 51 Mexicans, including Tamayo, who had been sent to death row without being told of their consular rights. Two of the 51 have since been executed, both in Texas.

In 2005, President George W. Bush ordered Texas and other states to review the 51 convictions. But Texas’ then-solicitor general, Ted Cruz, now a senator, persuaded the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that the president had no authority to order state courts to defer to the World Court.

John Kerry and Mark White want us to abide by the U.N. World Court order!!!

On Tuesday, a federal judge in Austin rejected Tamayo’s request for an order that would have prevented Gov. Rick Perry and the parole board from considering his clemency petition until the fairness of the state’s clemency process could be reviewed. The judge found that the clemency process satisfied constitutional requirements and did not violate Tamayo’s right to due process of law.

Tamayo, a resident of Morelos Mexico, was in the U.S. illegally at the time of the murder and his attorney and the Mexican government are trying to say he’s mentally deficient and was not given a fair trial.


Edgar Arias Tamayo

He has had almost twenty years of appeals!

The governor of Morelos decried the “arrogance” and “racism” of Texas’ legal system and said the Tamayo case “violated a fundamental principle, which is consular assistance.”

Graco Ramirez, a member of Mexico’s Democratic Revolution Party, or PRD, said that although he didn’t know whether Tamayo was guilty, “what is certain is that due process wasn’t given, and when such due process isn’t granted as a judicial principle, clearly there’s no certainty about what’s being judged.”

Gov. Perry’s spokeswoman Lucy Nashed said, “It doesn’t matter where you’re from — if you commit a despicable crime like this in Texas, you are subject to our state laws, including a fair trial by jury and the ultimate penalty.”


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