John Kerry Lies About Sunset Clauses As State Department Posts the Sunset Clauses


The State Department has released a “fact sheet” which shows almost every item listed in the parameters of the nuclear deal has a sunset clause. Some components sunset at ten years, others are 15 years, one is 20 and another is 25.

Check out one screenshot.

sunset clauses

At 05:31 on on this link, right after or just as the fact sheet came out, our Secretary of State John Kerry said in Lausanne, “…I’d also to make one more point very, very clear because it has been misinterpreted, misstated, misrepresented for much of this discussion. There will be no sunset to the deal that we are working to finalize. No sunset. None,” he said emphatically, using weasel words.

He lied but he can weasel out of it. There will be no sunset to the deal but to the important components, there will be sunset clauses.

He’s a shifty liar basically.

Almost every issue has a sunset clause. Everything important has a sunset clause.

What doesn’t have sunset clauses are: there will be endless, useless monitoring by IAEA who can’t get any information from them now; Iran will give notification of construction of new facilities (lots of luck with that one); there will be no Iranian R & D on spent nuclear fuel (they just won’t tell anyone); and Iran will be part of the non-proliferation treaty (more useless chatter among blowhards).

Anything without a sunset clause is irrelevant or unenforceable.

The following is a brief clip of Kerry misinterpreting, misstating and misrepresenting: