John Kerry’s Wishful Diplomacy


He's got the ball

Don’t worry, John Kerry’s got the ball in the world of foreign affairs.

This morning, a liberal talking head on Bob Schieffer’s Face the Nation, discussed the need to solve the Ukraine invasion with diplomacy because, in their world, the only one who is suffering in the end is Vlad Putin. In a normal world, the talking head would have been mocked and never invited back but he is speaking for the current administration and the people who back it.

Diplomacy only works when you’re willing to back it up with action but our administration doesn’t know that.

It’s rhetoric, not military, that wins wars in the Kerry-Obama world of appeasement and no strategies.

John Kerry thinks diplomatic actions will resolve the invasion of Ukraine. He’s going to send them some more blankets but military equipment is up in the air. Ukraine wants heavy artillery not handguns and clothing.

“There is no military solution. The solution is a political, diplomatic one,” Kerry said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“[Putin] is doing enormous damage to Russia,” Kerry said, adding that the Russian president’s actions “will catch up to him.”


Kerry thinks we can negotiate with terrorists around the globe, including the ‘good Taliban. He also thinks its not Islam driving them. They’re simply criminal extremists. Like Mr. Obama, he’s clueless as to what drives them. To think otherwise is Islamophobia.

This is what he said in Germany this weekend:

Kurdish leader Massound Barzani attempted to school him on the threat of ISIS:

“As you know we are in Kurdistan region since August last year in a very bloody and continuous war against this terrorist organization ISIS. And we can say that it has been a continuous war. We are very proud that the Peshmerga of Kurdistan and the people of Kurdistan managed to defeat the myth of ISIS. And now I can say that 15000 square kilometers have been liberated by Peshmergas from ISIS. And now Peshmergas are controlling these areas and ISIS are on defeating. But this is not the end of ISIS and the threat of ISIS still is continuing there,” Barzani told the Munich Security Conference.

“The fight against ISIS is not only a military solution. The source of their financial must be dried up. There must be a ideological war against them and the religious islamic establishment must take the fight against them. Whether they be defeated in Iraq if they stayed in Syria as a safe haven they manage to reorganize themselves and they manage to come back and make a threat. So there must be at the same time a strategy to defeat them, to fight against them both in Iraq and Syria. If they will be defeated only in Iraq and they stay in Syria that doesn’t mean the end of ISIS,” he added.

Barzani is talking to the proverbial brick wall.

Last August, Kerry said this about Iraq:

Remember when he accidentally came upon a diplomatic solution in Syria? The LA Times called it the “Mr. Magoo school of diplomacy”, adding “just keep bumbling along and you may eventually get to your destination.”

He then worked with Russia to destroy the weapons. Actually, Russia took charge. The media cooperated and we only heard through leaks that much of the arsenal was not destroyed and was kept hidden. Now we have powerful evidence that Iran is helping them build the bomb and is building two nuclear reactors in Syria.

Mr. Obama is going to solve the Iran problem with a diplomatic solution.

‘When I came into office, I made a commitment that Iran would not obtain a nuclear weapon,” Obama said, warning against any legislative action to impose new sanctions while the negotiations are ongoing. He argued that a diplomatic solution was “important for the world’s security.”

Unfortunately, he is going to let them become a nuclear threshold state with intercontinental ballistic missiles to prove diplomacy works.

What kept the USA strong is, in part, its military might. The Obama administration is willing to let that go by the wayside to prove diplomacy without threats or military support works as Putin invades and radical Islam devours huge swaths of land in North Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Far East.

Obviously pie-in-the-sky diplomatic solutions do not work but we are operating under the Mr. Magoo school of diplomacy and nothing will deter the Kerry-Obama team from their mission.


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