John McCain Calls for a “New Liberal World Order”, Demonizes “America First”


In an op-ed for The Economist titled, Defending the Liberal World Order, John McCain cited the Marshall Plan as the basis for his globalist vision of America’s future. His vision happens to coincide with communist Bernie Sanders’ who, as we speak, has a $146 billion plan to rebuild Puerto Rico.

Bernie’s bill – Bernie’s very generous with other peoples’ money – would also retire Puerto Rico’s debt without any plan to avoid building up debt once again. Bernie calls it the Marshall Plan for Puerto Rico. The problem is Puerto Rico is riddled with corrupt government and no plan to make things better other than pouring money into it. Socialist Elizabeth Warren is also behind the behemoth of spending.

The life span of middle class Americans is growing shorter and we have more and more homeless pouring on to our streets. Many would say the days of rebuilding the world and opening our doors to massive immigration should be over, but not McCain.

The Marshall Plan helped Europe recover and it worked, but rebuilding the world hasn’t worked since.

The senator who supports amnesty and many open borders policies wrote a not-so-veiled attack on Trump and his supporters in his opinion piece in which he speaks of the new liberal world order.

In recent years, we have seen the steady erosion of the liberal order and the institutions that protect it. Citizens of many nations have turned away from universal values and toward old ties of ethnicity, race and sectarianism. They have become increasingly resentful of immigrants, refugees and minority groups. They have turned inward economically and prioritised protectionism over integration. They have warmed to authoritarianism and embraced strongman politics. Most troubling, they seem to have given up on the very idea of liberalism itself, betraying the underlying will that is necessary to maintain any world order.

Big Government McCain is pulling a fast one in that paragraph by equating immigrants with illegal immigrants as if there is no difference. He’s suggesting all conservatives dislike all immigrants which couldn’t be further from the truth. Conservatives want an orderly, controlled process of immigration. Giving amnesty to endless and varied groups means we don’t have immigration laws.

McCain also seems to be against other nations’ leaders putting their countries first.

We have seen the results at ballot boxes around the world—from the Brexit vote in Britain to the rise of populist movements and parties in Germany, France, Poland and Hungary; and of course in the United States, where voters chose an “America First” foreign policy rooted in nationalism and protectionism.

To him, “America First” with immigration laws we actually follow is Hitlerian.

McCain sees the Marshall Plan as ushering in a New Liberal World Order which we must preserve.

This new order rejected the principles that led to the failure of its predecessor. It was based not on ethno-nationalism, spheres of influence and might-makes-right imperialism, but rather on universal values, human rights, rule of law, open commerce and national sovereignty. This liberal order was not an accident. It was the result of vigorous, tireless efforts to advance, defend and preserve the values that provided its foundation.

The New Liberal World Order is Globalism with an all-powerful United Nations. It is what McCain envisions for the United States and he doesn’t care that nearly 63 million republican voters don’t want it.

Would “America Last” be McCain’s preferred slogan?

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