John McCain – Kerry Is Delusional and Obama Is An Out of Touch President


The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the Kremlin lifted its self-imposed ban on the delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran. While the White House criticized it, doesn’t it seem highly likely that this is part of our Iran deal?

It’s a sanction that has been lifted. Iran has demanded the lifting of sanctions.

The deal is non-existent and engulfed in lies. John McCain dealt with the issue on The Neil Cavuto Show this afternoon.

John McCain was asked by Neil Cavuto to respond to Barack Obama’s attack on him in Panama this past weekend.

John McCain said “the president has this unfortunate habit when someone disagrees with him, he engages in personal attacks whether it be John Boehner, John McCain, Bibi Netanyahu, or others.”

“Look, what is irrefutable here is the Ayatollah Khamenei has said one thing interpreting this so-called framework agreement that is directly opposite in its most fundamental, important areas than John Kerry has. I don’t know which one to believe, but I do know they’re drastically different whether it be on inspections, whether it be sanctions will be lifted immediately or not…”

Neil Cavuto asked the senator if he thought Senator Kerry is lying.

“I think Secretary Kerry is…uh…well, look, if you convene forty nations in Geneva for the purpose of orchestrating the transition from power Bashar al-Assad when Bashar Assad is winning, that must border on delusional.”

He continued, “If you think you can orchestrate a deal with Israel and the Palestinians, which was also another abject failure on the part of the Secretary of State, well, uh, look at the record, and look at the record throughout these events in the Middle East and/or  Ukraine, when Lindsey Graham and I have predicted every single thing that has happened.”

“And the president has said, made incredible remarks such as, success stories of Somali and Yemen, the last combat troop is out of Iraq, and we’re leaving a free, prosperous Iraq, ISIS being a jayvee, the jayvees, the list goes on and on of an out of touch, out of reality president of the United States.”

“Certainly, the comments have nothing to do with the actual events on the ground in the Middle East.”

A nuclear Middle East is so critical, there is no point in getting personal, McCain said of the president’s comments.

“He has much harsher words for Bibi than he does the Ayatollah,” McCain added.

The president’s public attacks “obscure the fact that the world is on fire.” He mentioned the Chinese consolidating their hold on the islands in the South China Sea, talked about al Qaeda, Yemen and other crises.

Last week, George Schultz and Henry Kissinger wrote a deep and thoughtful though harsh critique of the nuclear non-deal deal that was published in the Wall Street Journal.

They pointed out that the  nuclear deal allows Iran to have the bomb, though not at full capacity for ten years.

This was despite the fact that for 20 years, “presidents of both major parties proclaimed that an Iranian nuclear weapon was contrary to American and global interests—and that they were prepared to use force to prevent it.”

They pointed to the progress of reducing Iran’s stockpile but they also elaborated on the fact that Iran is now two to three months away from having the bomb and will never be more than a year away. They emphasized that Iran said they do not agree to the terms of the so-called deal.

The ambiguities with regard to the deal and the vagueness of the criteria will make verification difficult.

They said that the breakout will not likely “be a clear-cut event. More likely it will occur, if it does, via the gradual accumulation of ambiguous evasions” and “enforcing compliance week after week will be met with debate and suspect activity.”

This was a key passage from the piece: “In a large country with multiple facilities and ample experience in nuclear concealment, violations will be inherently difficult to detect. Devising theoretical models of inspection is one thing. Enforcing compliance, week after week, despite competing international crises and domestic distractions, is another. Any report of a violation is likely to prompt debate over its significance—or even calls for new talks with Tehran to explore the issue. The experience of Iran’s work on a heavy-water reactor during the ‘interim agreement’ period—when suspect activity was identified but played down in the interest of a positive negotiating atmosphere—is not encouraging,” they wrote.

When you finish reading the article, Barack Obama and John Kerry look like abject fools.

When State Department spokesperson Marie Harf was asked if she thought the piece was damning, she said, “I wouldn’t say that it’s damning. I think that there are a lot of opinions on this and the Secretary is happy to speak to people to let them know what we’ve done, and that conversation will continue.”

When asked about the U.S. trading temporary nuclear cooperation for acquiescence to Iranian hegemony in the region, she said, “And I didn’t hear a lot of alternatives. I heard a lot of sort of big words and big thoughts in that piece, and those are certainly – there’s a place for that, but I didn’t hear a lot of alternatives about what they would do differently. I know the Secretary values the discussions he has with his predecessors regardless of sort of where they fall on the specifics.”

That lightweight response to a heavyweight article was met by ridicule on Twitter even from a friend of her family – David Brooks, Breitbart reported. She’s an airhead who engages in 6th grade-style fights on Twitter.

It’s virtually impossible to take this administration seriously. To call them liars and delusional is a fact-based understatement.



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