Jonathan Pinocchio Gruber Goes to Congress – Videos


Jonathan Gruber lied or had serious memory lapses today as he testified before Congress. He lied about Obamacare being a tax and forgot if he discussed it with the administration.

He must have discussed how to lie with his lawyer.

Jonathan Gruber has presented himself as an Obamacare architect on numerous occasions but now he says he wasn’t.

Listen to one of those occasions:

The NY Times called him Mr. Mandate in 2012. The Times talked about ” the call in 2008 from President-elect Obama’s transition team, the one that officially turned this stay-at-home economics professor into Mr. Mandate.” Gruber showed up at the White House about 21 times according to one report.

That was then, this is now. Did he lie then or is he lying now?

At the hearings today, Gruber claimed he is not an Obamacare architect, distancing himself from the plan much as Barack Obama recently distanced himself from Gruber. He didn’t admit he was stupid – his comments were “inexcusable”. He is sorry he got caught and that it is hurting Obamacare obviously. He still thinks we’re stupid – no doubt about it.


You will be happy to know that everyone present at the hearing, who appeared on behalf of the Obama administration, thinks Obamacare is great.

Rep. Mike Turner tried to get Gruber to admit to statements he made about Obamacare being a tax. Gruber couldn’t remember but didn’t deny it. He said Obamacare is “a large legislation with a lot of taxes.” He said he doesn’t agree with the Supreme Court ruling that the mandate is a tax though he has in the past suggested it’s a tax but they had to lie to the “stupid American” people about that.


He couldn’t remember if he discussed any of this with Obama though on one video he clearly states that Obama was in the room and he was agreeable.

Check it out:

He agreed, after much coaxing, that only states can give subsidies. That case is before the Supreme Court. It could kill Obamacare.

Dr. Ben Carson and the former NY Lt. Gov. Betsy McCaughey responded on Hannity’s radio show this afternoon. They made some very interesting points.