Josh Earnest, Son of Carney


Josh Earnest

Josh Earnest, Obama’s new spokes-liar.

The Obama administration was forced by a court to release a memo justifying a drone attack and the administration thinks that proves they are transparent. If you will remember, there was some outcry over the administration’s refusal to release memos containing the legal justification for drone attacks.

The memo the left was concerned about was the one justifying the drone attack that killed terrorist Al-Awalaki. The attack accidentally killed Al-Awalaki’s 16-year old son who was probably a terrorist-to-be. They were U.S. citizens.

The memo, written by a Justice Department official, was released yesterday by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan. The contents are irrelevant.  Al-Awalaki needed to be killed. He was a serious threat to the United States. It was justified. Who cares if he had U.S. citizenship.

What is relevant are the comments made by Josh Earnest about the memo. He sounds like Jay Carney-barker.

Even though it took a court order to get the memo released, he said the administration worked through the system “to produce a redacted document that protected national security interests while at the same time trying to live up to our commitment to transparency.”

What? Transparency?



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