Journalist Embeds with Caravans & Exposes the Shocking Truth


Journalist Ami Horowitz embedded himself with one of the caravans headed for the United States. You know about the caravans — they’re mythical according to the Democrat media. The media outlets are remarkably uninterested in who organized the caravans and who is paying for them.

Horowitz wanted to know how this mass of people is surviving over these thousands of miles. What he found might shock you.

It’s 90 to 95 percent men. Most say they want jobs and welfare by their own accounts, and there is a frightening, bad element within the masses moving forward.

Horowitz found it is very well-organized and millions upon millions of dollars are being spent to move these huge masses of people thousands of miles to the United States.

Pueblo sin Fronteras, a heavily-funded group, receives money from at least five different groups previously funded by Soros. They are organizers and their goal is countries without borders as their name implies.

Also involved, since the groups left, is the UNHR and UNICEF. When Horowitz asked the UNHR rep if it wasn’t a way to get even with Trump, she laughed and said,’yes’.

The Honduran and Guatemalan government officials have said that communist countries, including Venezuela, are involved in funding.

The media remarkably lacks curiosity and continues to claim it is imaginary.

Tucker discussed it with the journalist this evening. He explained the media has political reasons for not investigating. In other words, this is how much the media and our politicians care about Americans.


Some are beginning to arrive.

Some can be seen here climbing the fence at the beach.

Reporters confirmed in the tweets below that eight buses full of about 350 to 400 of the caravan members have arrived at Tijuana. The migrants headed toward the beach, where many climbed the border fence and sat atop it, as U.S. border patrol agents watched while on horseback from the other side.

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