Joy Ann Reid Shuts Down Former Congressman Who Said Elizabeth Warren’s Not an Indian


On Saturday, MSNBC’s Joy Reid tried repeatedly to lure former congressman J.D. Hayworth into a conversation about fake or misleading race-baiting Immigration news stories.

Reid ended up throwing Hayworth off her show when he said Elizabeth Warren’s not an Indian.

In the clip below, Reid puts out a pitiful story of an illegal immigrant taken away by ICE while only trying to get court protection for domestic abuse in El Paso, Texas. Reid didn’t bother to mention this was an immigrant with a violent criminal record.

Reid later falsely claimed that Hispanic Democratic members of Congress were targeted for exclusion from a meeting about immigration enforcement when, in reality, the chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus was invited to attend as one of only a limited number of congressional guests allowed admittance.

One guest reminded Hayworth of his so-called white privilege .

The false narratives continued, one after another.

Hayworth in the end began to complain about the pattern of liberals trying to insert race into political discussions, and started to cite Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent accusations of racism against Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Hayworth said, “But I understand, well, I’ll tell you, we’ll take it out of — we’ll take it our of the ethnicity, although that’s tough when you take a look at the stunt that Elizabeth Warren pulled, and we know that she falsely claimed to be American-Indian…”

After Reid injected, “What does Elizabeth Warren have to do with anything?” Hayworth continued: “Well, because it’s another stunt in the Senate to set up aggrieved class-”

At this point, the MSNBC host went over the edge and seemed to believe that Senator Warren really did have a Native-American heritage as she began ranting:

Wait a minute, okay, J.D., can I just tell you something? We’re going to end here, but, sir, sir, sir, you’ve talked about strawmen, but twice now you’ve answered questions with non sequiturs that have some sort of an ethnic base to them. Now, you’ve gone after Elizabeth Warren’s Native-American heritage, which is a complete non sequitur.

After Hayworth injected, “She has none,” an exasperated Reid decided to kick her Republican guest off the show:

I think we’re done with this segment because you literally answered a non sequitur that’s incredibly offensive. I’m going to let Rosie Perez talk about the — thank you for being here. No, you know what, what an odd exchange. Odd non sequiturs. I want to talk to you for a second, Rosie Perez. Thank you. Wow.

Read the complete story at Newsbusters.

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7 years ago

I watched this exchange on Saturday, J.D. Hayworth gave these 3 an education, Joy Reid and her 2 dimwit guests couldn’t handle it, she shut him off, it was great!