Joy Behar Wants the President Arrested for Hate Speech


Fascist Joy Behar wants President Trump brought up on charges of hate speech, even though there aren’t any hate speech laws. All Trump did was quote Ilhan Omar, the anti-Semitic, anti-American congresswoman and report on the other comments by The Squad.

The President described the anti-American and anti-Semitic things she said and the crowd chanted, “send her back.” The President also went after the rest of the communist Squad.

This morning the Democrat media tried to characterize on his comments as hate.

Behar thinks these are grounds for Trump’s arrest. She’s lowered the bar for imprisonment, but only for those with whom she disagrees. This is the kind of thing Stalin did.

With this new law, she just invented, all politicians and most Americans will qualify at one time or another. She has no respect for free speech.



  1. Joy should be arrested along with all her friends and most of Hollywood and liberal Media for Sedition and conspiracy to Destroy the US and we can add Treason to the list while were at it!

  2. Like the rest of the commiecrats, she is welcome to leave the country any time she wants. I’d even make a donation for the one-way trip out.
    The thing that she, and all of her cohorts, are ignoring is how the socialist/commie governments once in place handled those who helped to put them in power.
    They were either executed, sent to gulags(re-education camps) where they were worked to death, or just disappeared.
    For a no talent like Behar, the first choice is probably her fate.
    Just sayin’.

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