Joy Reid says President’s July 4 parade is a “threat” by a “tyrant”


Joy Reid, believed by many to be a racist propagandist, says the president of the United States “aspires to be” North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un or Russian President Vladimir Putin and that his plan to celebrate America’s birthday is literally a “threat” to the nation.

“You mentioned France and Kim Jong-Un, who Donald Trump greatly admires Kim Jong-Un. He sort of aspires to be sort of a mini-Putin or Kim Jong-Un,” Reid said on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” on Tuesday.

“He wants to have that kind of absolute power. He claims Kim Jong-Un’s people just adore him. They have no choice because he would throw them in a gulag and probably kill them,” she added.

About the Independence Day celebrations honoring America and our military, she says, without evidence,

What Bastille Day represents is the victory over tyrannical rule, over the king, and over the attempt for the king to return,” she said, referring to France’s celebration, which Trump praised once. “What is the message when Kim Jong-un rolls tanks down the streets of his capital? The message is to democracies. It’s the message to people like us, to Western democracies, ‘you better be careful because we, the united North Korean people, will defeat you. We have nukes. Be afraid of us.’”

She is paranoid.

“What is the message Donald Trump is trying to send by rolling tanks down Constitution Avenue? Who is that message to?” she asked.

Her Conspiracy Theory

“It’s certainly not to tyrants because he likes tyrants, he loves tyrants,” she said, again pushing her own theories and views.

“It’s not to Putin, it’s not to Kim Jong-Un, not to the Saudis. Is it to our friends, to Western democracies who he doesn’t particularly like, or is it to us? Is it to the resistance in this country? ‘I got tanks. I have this military armada.’”

“The message is a threat, but it’s always a threat when you roll out your military,” she said.

“But it’s to whom is the threat, and I suspect that the threat is to his fellow Americans. And I hate to say that, but I think that Donald Trump styles himself a tyrant, not a defeater of tyrants.”

She’s a psycho and hasn’t a clue that the President’s message is patriotism.

She ranted on Twitter.


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