Juan refuses to apologize for racist smear of military cadets


During the Army-Navy game, some cadets began playing the Circle Game as we reported. Unfortunately, some of the paranoid on Twitter decided the young men were flashing white power symbols (the OK sign is not a problem for the paranoid left).

The Twitter sewer dwellers decided to demand an investigation and some just wanted to have them thrown out.

It was determined after a brief investigation that they were just playing the common “circle game.”

This next Twitter user did the honorable thing when it was determined by the officials that they were merely playing the Circle Game — he apologized.


Some people are not honorable. Take Juan for example. Juan made it about race and white supremacy instead of using his common sense. Right away he started race-baiting.

Jesse Waters tried to get Juan to apologize, but Juan saw no need. The man has zero character. He had no problem accusing these people who are serving their country of a despicable thing and he is letting it stay on the record.

It became heated at one point with Jesse saying, “You accused these people of being racist. They put their lives on the line for this country. You said they were racist. A symbol with their hands. And you should apologize because I’m giving you an opportunity.”

Juan tried to go into Pepe the Frog. The man is ridiculous.



Juan made a point of saying the cadets were being punished, suggesting it was for racism. The punishment was for playing a game, not for racism.


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