Juan Williams Is a “Huge Free Speech Advocate” Except for Cartoons Depicting Muhammad



Pamela Geller debated Juan Williams on The Hannity Show last night over her Muhammad cartoon contest which she is still using to make a statement.

Pamela Geller has been under fire for her cartoon contest that led to an attack by two radical Islamists. People on both sides of the political aisle don’t even remember the names of the terrorists but they do keep criticizing Pamela Geller. Trump called her an obnoxious blowhard, which could also make a good self-descriptive term in his case. Bill O’Reilly roundly criticized her. These are right-leaning people.

Juan Williams has been saying and said again last night that Ms. Geller has been pumping up the contest deliberately to provoke a controversy. Personally, I think the White House gave him that talking point.

They are all missing the point. Ms. Geller wants people to understand that our free speech rights are slipping away every time we are silenced by the radical Islamists in this country and elsewhere. She’s not trying to provoke a terrorist attack, she’s trying, in her own way, like her or not, to stand up for free speech when so few will.

Ms. Geller wants to post the winning cartoon on buses but she is being kept from that.

Juan didn’t even have his facts straight for the segment. He said there was no ban on her expressing her free speech rights when in fact she had to go to court to fight for her rights.

“It’s fierce bullies like Juan Williams who want to impose the Shari’ah Law here,” Ms. Geller said. “This is the Shari’ah Juan. Where are you going to stop? Are you going to stop drinking beer? Are you going to stop girls from wearing short skirts? At what point? I mean where is the line going to be drawn?”

She then brought up that he wouldn’t get on a plane with Muslims and she would never make a statement like that. She was inaccurate also.

Juan didn’t say that. He said he looked at it with a little trepidation when Muslims in full garb got on his plane.

Juan said he is a huge free speech advocate [maybe not that huge]. Addressing Ms. Geller, he said, “But what I see you doing is trying to provoke unnecessarily controversy offending and demeaning Muslims…”

Spoken like a member of CAIR Juan. The problem with this viewpoint, which many have, is we are conceding that we mustn’t provoke them with free speech.

Cartoons that are insulting to some are no more popular or nice than PissChrist or elephant dung Mary but free speech trumps all of that in the United States. You may agree that it’s not a great thing to do but it is far more important to fight for free speech. At least it used to be in this country.

We are letting the terrorists convince us that cartoons must be censored. Hello?!, it’s a cartoon.