Juan Williams Says Sgt. Tahmooressi Doesn’t Matter


The next soundbite is fairly despicable. We have Juan’s expressions posted during the clip to show his arrogance and disdain. On the surface he appears kind and nice.

Many faces of Juan

Sgt. Tahmooressi is not being let out of a Mexican prison and Bill O’Reilly wants him released. O’Reilly asked Juan Williams, the far-left commentator for Fox News, what he thought.

Juan said, “Come on..Tahmoor…that guy’s not a serious issue.”

Juan will support Obama even if it means minimizing Sgt. Tahmooressi’s plight. Sgt. Tahmooressi is a soldier who served his country bravely on two tours of duty in Afghanistan. He got lost one night and ended up in Mexico with his three legally registered guns in his car. Sgt. Tahmooressi has PTSD.

Obama must feel as Juan does – that guy’s not a serious issue – because he won’t even make a phone call to get him released.

It was only this past week when Juan said older white people, Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party are racists.

Listen to what he said about deserter Bowe Bergdahl whom he obviously thinks is a serious issue. He said “America should be loving him”.


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