Juan Williams Says We’re Safer With Illegal Immigrants Flooding Into the Country


Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show today that there are three reasons for this wave of unfettered illegal immigration: to gain new Democrat voters, acquire cheap labor, and radically transform our country. Whatever the reasons, the federal, state and local governments are violating the immigration laws we have. In fact, when Arizona tried to follow the law they were sued by the federal government. Juan Williams was asked to weigh in on The O’Reilly show last night and he was more than fine with the lawlessness of it, adding that we are safer since the illegal immigrants flooded into the country.


In 1996, then-President Bill Clinton passed The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act that addressed the relationship between the federal government and local governments. Minor crimes, such as shoplifting, became grounds for possible deportation. The legislation outlawed cities’ bans against municipal workers’ reporting persons’ immigration status to federal authorities.

It’s illegal for states and cities to set up their own immigration laws in defiance of federal law. States are not allowed to aid, harbor, protect illegal immigrants from deportation.

Under this administration and the Bush administration, more than 160 cities and states have become sanctuaries.

The map of sanctuary states pictured below doesn’t include some states that have very liberal policies but haven’t officially declared like New York.

sanctuary states

The government wants new legislation to “fix” our broken system but they won’t enforce laws we have that would protect us from illegal criminal aliens.

Unsurprisingly, Juan Williams favors breaking the law. We are just lawless now.

Juan says whatever the administration expects him to say.

He has no problem with the city of San Francisco doing nothing in the wake of the murder of a young woman by a five-times deported illegal alien felon. He went off into the nether zone and talked about our being safer with illegal immigrants flooding into the country. He says crime has gone down with illegal immigration.

We need to see those stats Juan!

O’Reilly called him an anarchist. What do you think?



  1. Juan Williams has trouble getting his brain cells working in sync.

    The Reds in the Democrat Party, and the Bush family, so enamored of the New World Order, can be trusted as far as you can throw them.

    • Anyone who says we are safer with open borders must be absolutely unable to muster a drop of common sense. How in the world would we be safer with random people entering our country than when being able to register everyone? It makes absolutely no sense.. as if some magical benevolent foreign nation is going to send a bunch of superman good guys, gals and protectors to our country.. it’s a fantasy world they live in!

  2. I previously thought that Juan could see both sides of an issue but he has totally embraced the hard left. I know FoxNews wants a “fair and balanced” approach in reporting news, but Juan is officially off the rails with his liberalism. I’m definitely not a fan.

  3. Juan, do you let complete strangers into your home? Most of us won’t even hire someone without with a recommendation from
    someone we know and trust ! Juan is completely insane and Fox should remove him from the show immediately. Juan, Please go ask the dad of the girl who was gunned down in cold blood in the Streets of San Francisco and see if he agrees with your theory.

    Our Nation is more in danger than I originally thought 6 years ago. We will be dead in my life time. I won’t be enslaved. What option will that leave me?

  4. I cannot see any way that illegals make us safer. There is no telling how many terrorists are just waiting for the call to jihad that are here illegally. Not to mention all of the rapes, murders, and drunk divers that have killed our citizens. We need strong leadership and closed borders. We don’t have to pay to send them back. All we need to do is enforce the laws that we have and make it tougher on the ones that hire them. They won’t come here if they can’t find a job or government assistance. Prosecute the ones that give them work and cut off welfare b

  5. I highly recommend Ann Coulter’s new book–“Adios, America!”-“The Left’s Plan to turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.” Here are a few quotes-“On building a border wall: “People who live in gated communities tell us fences don’t work” On welfare: Today’s immigrants aren’t coming here to breathe free, they’re coming to live free.”

  6. Juan Williams seems intent on embarrassing himself.
    One MIGHT think Williams would have learned his lesson when NPR fired him for daring to express his feelings. He simply commented, when Muslims board the same plane as he’s traveling on, he gets a bit worried. Seems innocent enough but, the Left, always claiming to be inclusive and tolerant, are anything but. Free speech is only free when it fully agrees with their narrative.
    BTW, when this occurred, it was the Right, Conservatives who reached out their supposed, “intolerant” arm to Williams, supporting his right to his own feelings.;
    Obviously Juan learned nothing from this experience. In fact, Juan Williams should pay greater heed to his own son, a far more conservative Republican young man.

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