Judge blocks citizenship question in any form & will monitor the President


New York federal judge Jesse Furman, an Obama judge with the Southern District of New York, has issued an order permanently blocking the Trump administration from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census in any form, CNN reports.

In his order, he indicated he will MONITOR the controversial issue.

“The Court will retain jurisdiction, in this case, to enforce the terms of this Order until the 2020 census results are processed and sent to the President by December 31, 2020.”

Not only is an unelected Obama judge telling the President what he can do over a very reasonable request within his purview, but he also plans to monitor the President.

Judge Furman is tyrannical and degrading the President.

President Donald Trump announced last week that he will seek citizenship information from agencies that already collect the data.

Even though the President said he won’t add the question, the Obama judge decided to exercise authority over the President he does not have.

Earlier this month, Furman claimed the President acted in bad faith.

The ruling will move forward anti-Trumper, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood’s lawsuit over the question about citizenship.

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