Judge Blocks President Trump from Nixing Obama’s Abortifacient Rule


Another judge blocked the President from dropping a rule Obama put in place. Obama isn’t President any longer, but judges seem to think his rules must be upheld as if they were passed by Congress.

A federal judge in California temporarily blocked the Trump administration’s plan to exempt companies with religious or moral objections from an Obamacare requirement that employers include free contraception in their health-care plans, though the ruling only applies in 13 states.

That is commonly known as the Hobby Lobby case. Democrats/Socialists demand companies pay for birth control. It is about forcing people to go against their religious beliefs.

The Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Woods case [Mennonites] was not about contraceptives, it was about the abortifacients they were forced to provide.

Barack Obama found a way to circumvent the Supreme Court decision upholding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. He is the one who violated the spirit of the law. Donald Trump is trying to restore the decision of the Court.


U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam in Oakland, California, on Sunday, issued a preliminary injunction against the Affordable Care Act exemption, ramping up the culture war triggered by the hard-left Democrats’ desire to destroy religious freedom rights of churches and companies.

The rules are set to take effect Monday.

A coalition of hardcore leftist blue states led by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has a victory.

The decision isn’t nationwide, but there is a case that would make it nationwide.

In a separate case, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and his New Jersey counterpart, Gurbir Grewal, are seeking an injunction that could apply nationwide. A ruling in that case is expected any time. They are leftists also.

The government wants nuns, monks, Mennonites (Conestoga Woods), Evangelicals to pay for abortifacients as the price for staying in business. There is something inherently evil in that.

George Soros, David Brock and their cabal of leftist rich guys said they would sue the President continuously and they are true to their word.



  1. It is incumbent on all of us to defeat the hard-left and their desires to have us all engaging in activities that are abhorrent to Christians and which feed their false gods.

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