Judge Curiel Is a Member of LaRaza — San Diego LaRaza Lawyers’ Association


The Bench has been politicized and Judge Curiel is a Hillary Clinton supporter and a member of an pro-illegal immigrant lawyers’ association. Over the last several decades, we have heard arguments that judges and jurors can’t be white or black or have some other background that someone finds unacceptable. Is Donald Trump’s concern about the judge presiding over the Trump University case all that unreasonable?

Some say he is showing bigotry towards a man because he is of Mexican heritage. It’s for you to decide.

We have an update about an article written in The Washington Post in defense of Trump.

Judge Curiel’s heritage should not be mentioned in Donald Trump’s complaints about the Trump University lawsuit but the judge’s ties are a fair question, says former attorney general, Alberto R. Gonzalez.

Mr. Gonzalez has taken a lot of heat for his article at The Washington Post but he’s no stranger to controversy which he has always weathered.

Mr. Gonzalez brought up the fact that in 2014, when he certified the class-action lawsuit against Trump, Curiel appointed the Robbins Geller law firm to represent plaintiffs. Robbins Geller has paid $675,000 in speaking fees since 2009 to Trump’s likely opponent, Hillary Clinton, and to her husband, former president Bill Clinton. Curiel appointed the firm in the case before Trump entered the presidential race, but again, it might not be unreasonable for a defendant in Trump’s position to wonder who Curiel favors in the presidential election.

They raise a legitimate question, Gonzalez says, and voters have to decide if Donald Trump isn’t simply acting out of a sincere motivation to protect his rights to a fair trial.

Mr. Gonzalez is the only one defending Trump and as mild as his defense was, he is being blasted but he’s always been the left’s favorite punching bag.

Megyn Kelly, anchor of Fox News’ The Kelly File, is no Donald Trump fan and the feeling is mutual, but Kelly, a lawyer, has been especially upset with his treatment of another lawyer, Judge Curiel who is overseeing his Trump University case. Kelly took exception to Trump having mentioned that the Judge is Hispanic and to a mistake which she corrected with a misrepresentation.

That’s not to say we think publicly attacking a judge without clear facts is a good idea when he could be talking about the disastrous economy, Hillary’s terrible foreign policy decisions, and her scandals. Lots of fodder there. However, the whole truth should be told.

Trump and his spokesperson Katrina Pierson thought that the group Judge Curiel is a member of is the LaRaza Lawyers’ Association but Curiel is actually a member of the San Diego LaRaza Lawyers’ Association. They are two different organizations.

While the group he’s involved with isn’t the one forming anti-Trump riots, it is a LaRaza group in San Diego fostering and promoting illegal immigration.

Kelly has spent the last several nights calling Trump on his error but has not mentioned Judge Curiel’s ties to a pro-illegal immigration group, referring to it as a mere Hispanic group.


In an article at Alternet, Judge Curiel is clearly listed as a member of the San Diego Lawyers La Raza Association by the president of the association.

Georgia’s two senators just rejected a nominee for a federal district court judgeship because he was very proactive in support of illegal alien Hispanics.

Open Borders proponent  Cecilia Munoz, the Domestic Affairs Counsel to Obama is a former national chair of La Raza.

These ties do matter and the use of the words La Raza means something. That doesn’t mean Judge Curiel is anything but honorable and just. The fact is we don’t know. It’s possibly not fair to ignore his LaRaza connections.

There is more proof here.

The ties that bind:

Trump Might Have a Point About “Trump Hating” Judge Curiel

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Herb Meizius
6 years ago

What part of illegal is so difficult to understand?
Did this “judge” get his law degree from k-mart in a blue light special?
Ethics panel, was he bribed also?
Curies accepted money, lots of money from Clinton why is he still on the bench. He has the ethics of a $3 dollar hooker.
Illegal..”.not in accordance with the law”

mike mhe man
mike mhe man
6 years ago

Proof San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association and National Council on La Raza are affiliated: http://screencast.com/t/D8YwikWE0

6 years ago