Judge Emmet Sullivan Postponed Flynn sentencing for 90 Days


The judge asked Flynn’s attorney this morning if his client thought he was entrapped and he said ‘no’. That doesn’t mean things went by the book.

Flynn stood by his statement that he lied and that he knew he wasn’t supposed to lie. The judge said a high-ranking official making false statements at the White House is very serious.

If Flynn didn’t take this plea deal, more serious charges await concerning lobbying on behalf of Turkey. That is his more serious crime, the judge said. However, he was in error and thought it was while he was in the White House. It was actually before Flynn was in the White House.

The judge said, “arguably you sold your country out”, a statement he later took back. Sullivan did say he would take his honorable military service into account. He also brought up Flynn’s lies to the Vice President which had the VP lying to the public. Before the break, he said there is no guarantee he won’t serve prison time.

The judge wants Trump to stop tweeting, which he thinks minimizes Flynn’s crime.

The judge walked comments stating Flynn committed treason. He had misinformation about when Flynn lobbied for Turkey. Sullivan thought the lobbying was while Flynn was in the White House but it was before.

After the Turkey situation was clarified, the judge was much kinder. He asked what the Turkey crime would be. The prosecution said The Logan Act and the judge said isn’t that the crime no one has ever been convicted of?

Flynn did fill out paperwork for acting as a foreign agent but it was done inaccurately.

it is a little scary that the judge didn’t know much.

Flynn asked for a delay in the sentencing since he must testify in another case. That could be the case of his former business partners or the Manafort case.


The original redacted 302 of the FBI interview notes was released Monday on the eve of today’s sentencing. The previously released 302 was a summary of the original 302. How many 302s are there and why? It suggests cover up but who knows.

According to the redacted original FBI 302 of the Flynn interview, finalized on February 15 (two days after Flynn resigned), Flynn claimed that he never asked the Russians not to escalate following new U.S. sanctions and that he never asked them to vote a certain way at the U.N. He said his comments were more along the lines of asking how they were going to vote, not telling them to vote a certain way. That turned out to not be true.

Flynn said he didn’t remember and “I don’t recall” several times. [p.4 – on] Few of his responses were definitive. He also mentioned that it was being taped. If he knew he was being taped, why would he lie? There is also the fact that the agents didn’t think he was lying at the time.

It wasn’t until special counsel Mueller came on the scene that his interview was revisited.


The Comey violations of the protocol are very serious. Then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told Mike Flynn not to have a lawyer present. Also, agents did not advise him that lying or the perception of lying could get him charged with a felony.

It is still not clear as to why Mike Flynn was interviewed in the first place. The Logan Act would be a ridiculous reason, although that has been bandied about.


Disgraced FBI director Jim Comey admitted it was a setup and he took advantage of the inexperience in the White House.

Comey said that he is proud of the way he conducted the Flynn. He lied and said he did everything by the book, he lied. The former director said that Flynn should have known he had to tell the truth. Try telling that to a judge for some criminal who wasn’t read his Miranda rights.

We have Comey on the record saying they figured the White House was inexperienced enough that they could cut corners when they conducted the interview. Do we want people in charge of law enforcement who have different rules for different people?

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  1. When considering Flynn’s lawyer and his strategy in front of the court one should look no further than Sydney Powell’s book on the matter. There is a symbiosis between D.C. lawyers and the Justice Dept. After Judge Sullivan ordered an investigation and the subsequent 500 page report one would assume he would be a bit skeptical of Justice Dept. tactics. Is he too old and forgetful. It will be interesting to see the result of the one witness who is fighting against Mueller and his authority.

  2. Now I’m certain this Judge Sullivan is no better than the rest. Reportedly the Judge issued a “travel ban” on Gen. Flynn. Does he expect him to flee to Russia, or rather Turkey.

    It’s infuriating and disgusting that no defendant can get any kind of break but a prosecutor can be given chance after chance to comply without any repercussions. Maybe there’s more truth in, “No, YOU’RE OUT OF ORDER” than anyone can imagine. If you are in Flynn’s shoes you have no choice whatsoever.

    Now there are more reports that others will be targeted by Mueller, After his “success” with Flynn, all because someone discussed “sanctions”. So, we went from Russian “interference”, according to the Rosenstein memo, to Russian collusion and now transition “talk”. And we have a Judge that allows it all to happen without question. There’s some murmurs about “political” which I suspect is purposely done to cause acceptance of this charade, as if it’s “due process”. Malarkey. We see more and more who are accepting Flynn’s demise as a result of the “process”. Judges throw out cases all the time, and with prejudice, but here in this case a great many lives are being “Destroyed” by a Justice system that reeks of impropriety.

  3. A book written in 1956, The Rape of the Mind, discusses the very situation many are in today. The very first chapter is titled, “You too would confess”. Notice, this Was written in 1956.

    “A fantastic thing is happening in our world. Today a man is no longer punished only for the crimes he has in fact committed. Now he may be compelled to confess to crimes that have been conjured up by his judges, who use his confession for political purposes. It is not enough for us to damn as evil those who sit in judgment. We must understand what impels the false admission of guilt; we must take another look at the human mind in all its frailty and vulnerability.
    …it was not the direct physical pain that broke people, but the continuous humiliation and mental torture.
    …In the third and final phase of interrogation and menticide the accused, now completely conditioned and accepting his own imposed guilt, is trained to bear false witness against himself and others. He doesn’t have to convince himself any more through autohypnosis; he only speaks “his master’s voice.” He is prepared for trial, softened completely; he becomes remorseful and willing to be sentenced. He is a baby in the hands of his inquisitors, fed as a baby and soothed by words as a baby.”

    This book deals primarily with totalitarian governments. But the same tactics are used by the West, and more specifically, in criminal cases. What we have learned from eye-witness testimony of interrogations by team Mueller the study of the mind certainly applies. Recently I have read about a number of occasions a witness is approached by the FBI for an interview. The witness tells the FBI they will be recording the conversation, only for the FBI to decline the interview and walk out.

  4. It is quite evident the FARA indictments have the sole purpose of selective prosecutions. In the past it was primarily used against some seriously shady characters. If someone can file ex post facto then I would submit the offense isn’t all that serious. It is merely a tool for such selective prosecutions against perceived enemies, that is, of the State. It sure is worth speculating that Mueller’s efforts are geared towards covering up all the shenanigans of the Obama administration and his associates.

    I really didn’t expect Sullivan would give Flynn any benefit of the doubt in the end. If he really studied over all the documents in this case it should be obvious what Mueller has done. There are many contradictions within his own filings. But Flynn is between a rock and a hard place in the plea arrangement. Plead now or the full weight of “THE” Government will come down on you and your family, Soviet style.

    It would be quite different if this case had justifiable reasons to begin, let alone continue. For some reason Judge Sullivan doesn’t want to consider selective prosecution or malfeasance. Reporters are filing to unseal the documents in the Enron case vis-a-vis Weissman. Given everything of late is why I utterly despise our Judicial system and see that it resembles Soviet Russia more each day.

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