Judge Jeanine Calls Out “the Most Dangerous Man in America”


Judge Jeanine made the case for “the most dangerous man in America” recently and she makes a great case. Perhaps it is time to recognize it as fact.

Hillary Clinton facilitated the sale of our uranium mine to Russia while she collected millions from them. She collected hundreds of millions of dollars from people doing business with our government while she was secretary of state. Nothing is done about her. In fact, as soon as Jeff Sessions accepted the position as head of the Department of Justice, he recused himself from everything except illegal immigration and allowed Rod Rosenstein to act as the attorney general.

Rosenstein immediately appointed Robert Mueller to investigate President Trump.

Judge Jeanine said the FBI ran a spy operation, placing a mole in the campaign as Totalitarians do. The mole has disappeared.

Any informant/spy must have a sign-off from the attorney general, and that would be Loretta Lynch. If she didn’t sign-off, that means the FBI under Jim Comey was even more corrupt than we knew.

It means Comey went rogue to destroy Donald Trump.


Judge Jeanine said the most dangerous man to the Republican Party, President Trump, and to this nation is Jeff Sessions.

Sessions fights the release of documents that could expose corruption and he won’t release documents about Hillary because she is a private citizen.

Sessions will do nothing and “hides behind the coattails of a man named Rod Rosenstein”. Jeff Sessions is “the most dangerous man in America”, she said.

Do you agree?

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