Judge Jeanine Is In Trouble But Chris Wallace Can Blame Trump for NZ


Fox News is possibly preparing to fire Judge Jeanine Pirro. At the same time, their top ‘reporter’, Chris Wallace is blaming the President for a massacre halfway around the world. Where does Fox News stand on these issues? We are about to find out, and, sadly, they are really all the Right has to count on in the media. Let’s hope they make the right choices.


President Donald Trump is reaching out to Fox News in a series of tweets to spare Judge Jeanine Pirro and her show now in danger of cancellation because she commented on Ilhan Omar’s hijab and CAIR, the terror-linked organization, demanded her dismissal.

The SJW mob on social media is ripping Fox News and the President, mischaracterizing his tweets as authoritarian. Read them for yourselves.

Perhaps Fox News is looking for a reason to fire the Judge and they certainly don’t want to appear to be responding to the President. This might actually hurt the President’s cause no matter how well-intentioned.

Who knows what the future will bring for the only balanced network.


Chris Wallace is blaming Trump and Trump’s rhetoric for the New Zealand massacre and suggesting that he should make a speech against Islamophobia and violence against Muslims.

Yet, Wallace doesn’t say anything about the rise of anti-Semitism here in the U.S. and around the world. Is Chris Wallace an anti-semite just like his father was?

Watching Wallace is painful at this point because it seems as though his agenda is totally anti-Trump.  Don’t we get enough of that from the mainstream media?

Wallace debated White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney regarding and repeating the recurring liberal narrative that President Trump’s comments encourage bigotry.

Wallace asked, “I agree the president is not responsible for this (New Zealand shooting) but has he considered, given the fact that some people seem to feel that he has given them cover, has he considered giving a major speech condemning anti-Muslim white supremacist bigotry? To the degree that there is an issue with white supremacists, white nationalists, anti-Muslim bigotry in this country — and there is an issue with that — why not deliver a speech condemning it?”

He kept hammering Mulvaney.

If the President gives the speech as Wallace suggests, it appears weak. It looks like he’s accepting blame and the leftists will use it to rip into him more. The President has no guilt in this and there is no need for him to give a speech.

No matter how absurd it is to blame the President for a crime committed halfway around the world, the leftists keep doing it.



On Friday, during “Shepard Smith Reporting,” Wallace and his anti-Trump buddy Shep Smith discussed Republican senators [betraying] going against the President on the National Emergency Declaration.

They went from that to discussing how Donald Trump can’t win in 2020. Wallace said he can’t win with only his base, suggesting they’ll accept anything from him. Maybe that’s true since the other side are socialists and communists.


  • I stopped watching wallace and smith a long time ago. Same with beier Same with five Watch fox business with varney, emac, dobbs, and charles payne; tucker,hannity, ingrahm, waters have to remain strong. fox declining and this will not improve if disney gets in there

    • Focusing on this horrible event but ignoring the horrendous massacre of Christians in Nigeria and other parts of the world seems frivolous.

  • I quit watching Wallace a LONG TIME AGO. He needs to go to msnbc or cnn. Never did watch shepherd smith, he is just gross, if you get my drift??? I use to watch FOX NEWS “all the time”, but find myself changing the channel quite often now. Won’t be long, and they will be unwatchable like all the other fake news channels. How sad. I love Judge Pirro! She goes and I will never watch the weekend news again. FOX, WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

  • Time for supporters of Trump and conservatism/constitution to send a BIG message to Fox. Stop watching immediately. One America News Network is an excellent option, ch 347 Direct tv or I would imagine one can also stream it. Time for us to start putting our FULL support behind other venues, the decline of Fox was inevitable after the Murdoch sons took charge. If we support other venues, then we will help them to build up and us not to lose our news.

  • Wallace is an idiot, majority of people are for the wall,
    If the Democrats hadn’t been fighting him on the issue all this time , the whole construction would be well on it’s way, and with Congress support Mexico would have had no choice but to deal with the people passing through the country from south America more appropriately instead of allowing cartels to turn smuggling into another multimillion dollar business. As usual Mexico’s corrupt politicians are working with cartels to get these people to their northern border creating bigger problems for US and no doubt for many refugees also.. i would not be surprised to find that some gangs take the money from the refugees and then kill them instead like they were doing years ago .

  • I never watch Chris Wallace since the Republican primary debate nor Shep Smith. I turn to another station or turn the TV off. The Murdoch sons are removing the geese that laid the golden eggs and they seem to be doing it on purpose. The left does not like the first amendment to apply to anyone but them.

  • Why is it that when Ilhan Omar recently said the racist statement tied to radical muslims that white people are not human nothing is said about that? She was asked about what is the difference between Obama and Trump and her answer was [the white man] was not human.

  • Poor Chris Wallace, Your Father would hate your guts for being such a Talking head.Fox has succumbed to the Muslim Loverhood. Dam the Christians murdered , It was Trumps fault, Right Chris? Fox has lost a reader. Jr Murdoch is a Socialist Nazi lover.