Judge Jeanine: Obama’s Approval Numbers Can Never Go Lower


President Obama has massive PR problems and substantive failings as president despite his improved economic and job numbers. Much of it is because of Obamacare, but not solely.

His administration has so far been a disaster for our country, but his approval numbers never go below the high 30%’s and seem to stay at around 43%. That should be alarming to people because they are being kept artificially high by, as Ben Stein calls them, the ‘beautiful people.’


Branco cartoon via legal insurrection

According to 49% of Americans, Mr. Obama is not trustworthy. The latest Pew poll says only 19% of Americans trust the government.

A majority of Americans, 55%, say they wish Obamacare had never passed. A stunning 67% of Americans want Obamacare delayed for one year. The majority of the uninsured, for whom this bill was allegedly passed, have a negative attitude towards Obamacare.

Americans by a margin of 82% believe they must have the right to select their own doctor, which most will not be able to do under Obamacare. Americans won’t keep their hospitals either.

A CBS/New York Times poll says that, under the new exchanges,  58% of uninsured Americans have not even looked into information, 32% have not applied and only 10% have applied. The highest unpopularity is among the uninsured and has been all along.

Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and Nancy Pelosi say Democrats are going to run on Obamacare. We can only hope!

The NSA, the healthcare lies, foreign policy disasters, and various scandals have diminished Mr. Obama’s credibility. The only president who was in worse shape since polling began was Richard Nixon who was hated by the press for his anti-Communist activities in the late 1940’s. His poll numbers sank to an abysmal 20% approval. Obama can’t go that low because he is beloved by the media, the rich, Wall Street, and Hollywood.

It should scare people to know that we are being controlled by the ‘beautiful people.’

We have a permanent political class, something George Washington warned us against, and we are being manipulated by the elites.

Listen to this exchange between Judge Jeanine and Ben Stein. Stein is a straight shooter.


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