Judge Jeanine Warns the GOP Is Part of Plot to Take Down the President


Judge Jeanine says the GOP is in on the plan to bring down the President.

“The Democrats, whether you like them or not, are doing their job. They’re fighting, resisting and they’re all on one page,” she said in her opening statement Saturday evening.

Since last year she has believed that the Republican leadership is in bed with the Democrats with hope of restoring the establishment’s power, globalist power.

Judge Jeanine points out that if President Trump is eliminated, “the succession is clear and things go back to the way they were.”

She asks where is the outrage by Republicans as Trump is brutally stabbed on a stage.

They have not defended Trump and allow him to fight day-in and day-out onslaughts while trying to run the country, she said.

Republicans are not much out of character, sadly.

Comey not only got away with leaking, he won. His friend is now running the investigation.

“You don’t think these people have an agenda?, she asks.

The judge would also like to know why Hillary isn’t being investigated, along with others.

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