Judge Kavanaugh Addresses Harpy Sen. Feinstein


Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was able to face his chief accuser in the U.S. Senate Thursday during his hearing.

She repeated the mindless droning demand for an FBI probe. Their constant and monotonous insistence that an FBI probe was needed is getting sickening.

Feinstein complained, “The FBI isn’t interviewing them. Isn’t giving us any facts. So all we have —”

Kavanaugh interrupted, saying, “You’re interviewing me. You’re interviewing me. You’re doing it, Senator. I’m sorry to interrupt. You’re doing it. There [are] no conclusions reached.”


Democratic Sen.Diane Feinstein knew about the allegations from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as far back as July. Despite this, she never uttered a word about it until the 11th hour when it appeared Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh would be confirmed.

As Republican senators Lindsey Graham and Orrin Hatch pointed out Thursday, Feinstein could have asked Kavanaugh about the allegations privately or publicly. She did neither.

She is also trying to say she didn’t leak the letter Mrs. Ford sent to her. Either she did it or her staff did. Feinstein sounded convincing but who else had it then. Besides, her story has been changing regularly.

Feinstein orchestrated this with help.


  1. In thinking over Kavanaugh’s time when one Democrat after another were “desperately” asking Kavanaugh to ask for an FBI investigation, even to the point of telling him to turn around to McGhan and directly ask Him. You could taste the “smell” of desperation by those on that side. Maybe they should have resorted to, “please for the love of God”.

    • It’s an obvious call for delay, the FBI would take months. The FBI was involved in the coup, should never be allowed here to meddle in the judicial branch.

  2. Some make remarks about being “under oath” in front of Congress but has anyone ever been charged as a result of that setting or ever convicted. I really doubt administering an oath really means Anything.

  3. Someone wrote an interesting angle in all these cases where Trump is involved in one manner or another, and it has to do with the GoFundme that each and everyone has. The contention is maybe it’s a way to bribe these individuals for their support of the Democrat side.

  4. Why was Feinstein constantly holding her head down, in shame?

    The most ridiculous line of questioning was about a yearbook.

    Maybe it’s time to more thoroughly examine the accuser’s yearbooks.

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