Judge Kavanaugh Fights Back Emotions During Interview

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his wife Ashley were interviewed by Fox News host Martha MacCallum Monday evening.

The big takeaways were that he was a virgin in high school and for years after; he was never a blackout drunk; and he was never at a party at a location matching the description in Ford’s allegation.

He denied all allegations against him, calling the Avenatti claims, “outrageous”. There was a visible flash of anger when Martha MacCallum laid out those bizarre accusations about a “train” of men waiting to gang rape women. Avenatti is revolting in every way imaginable.

Most on social media said the judge sounded a little rehearsed but sincere. He also stuck to facts and didn’t politicize the interview.

Social media is reporting the BREAKING NEWS is that Judge Kavanaugh was a virgin in high school and beyond. Sorry state of affairs!

In this first clip, Judge Kavanaugh became emotional when Martha MacCallum asked him why he thinks women are fabricating allegations against him. He said he was focused on academics, church, and football in school. His. Yearbook described him as a ‘Boy Scout’ and if that’s true, what is being done to him is particularly egregious.

If this man is innocent, the Democrats are hurting this entire family for political expediency.



  1. Great interview but I don’t think he should have done it given how this sh$t show has gone down, Fords 3 attorneys and the demorats are probably right now digging up some woman who just regained her memory that will come out and say she took his virginity away in the 10th grade, see he is a liar………… we shall see!!!!!!

  2. It is shocking that the narrative is playing out as if Kavanaugh is on trial. Everyone should realize by now that Congress is neither a court nor a jury. Kavanaugh has not been charged with a crime and no sexual assault case involving him is being prosecuted. Claims that Kavanaugh has to prove anything at the congressional hearing is simply not so. He is allowed to rebut false accusations before the vote on his confirmation, but he is not on trial.

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