Judge Kavanaugh on Fox, “I Was a Virgin in High School & College”


“I’m not going to let false accusations drive us out of this process,” Judge Kavanaugh said.

Judge Kavanaugh sat down with his wife Ashley for an interview with Fox News host Martha MacCallum. The show will air this evening.

“I know I’m telling the truth,” he told Martha.

President Trump tweeted about the upcoming interview and said, “This is an outstanding family who must be treated fairly!”

The Washington Times reports that the Judge will say he was a virgin in high school and college but did drink too much. He denies any interactions like those alleged by Mrs. Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez.

Even CNN’s Brian Stelter thinks Ramirez’s allegations are unfounded.


The article was updated to include the comments from The Washington Times.



  1. Martha, if that’s who did the interview, seemed rather surprised that a man didn’t have sexual relations in their early adult life. It makes Me question how her early life was spent. She gives the impression Her experience is more typical of sexual activity.

    In my day we had a girl in the eight grade who became pregnant and in a short time both disappeared and were never heard from again. It’s pretty well known many who “claim” to have had sexual relations, to the point of bragging, never actually had anything of the sort.

    • Yes…thanks for admitting that.
      I’m Mormon….we teach chastity for men and women until marriage.
      But now he will be labeled “square.”

  2. “The Boy Scout,” how judge Kavanaugh was referred to in his yearbook.
    Watching the confirmation hearings, listening to how this man has conducted his life, it came as no surprise when he revealed he was a virgin throughout high school and for many years there after.

    It has now been about 40 years that Democrats have made a circus, a mockery of our judicial selection process. This time, they really have trashed a man who, to me, could easily be mistaken for a Jesuit priest,
    “Squeaky clean.”

    I’ll never forget Ted Kennedy, “Lion of the Senate,” and his brutal attacks on Judge Bork… now the name alone becoming a verb, “to be Borked.” Kennedy, more like the drunkard of the senate, standing there lecturing about the terrible things which would happen to woman if Bork were confirmed. It seemed to me the most dangerous place for any woman to be was anywhere NEAR Ted Kennedy. Just ask Mary Jo… that is if she were still alive to answer that question.

    Then, of course, there was the, “high tech lynching,” of Clarence Thomas, another good man. At least there was some sort of evidence to look at by his accuser. Back then there was no common label for a woman like Anita Hill but there is now, she would be called, “a stalker,” because that is exactly what she did, stalked Judge Thomas.

    Just when I think the Democrats could not BE more disgusting, they out do themselves.
    Again, I equate Democrats/Left to Radical Islam. They share much in common including their intent to achieve world wide domination, “By Any Means.” The do not compromise, they take no prisoners, they can not be reasoned with. And like Radical Islam, there is but one way to deal with the Left/Democrats, utter and complete defeat at every level.

  3. We can imagine the circus that will unfold on Thursday. According to Chad Pergram he has heard for several days that they are looking at Multiple 5 minutes rounds for each Member of the Committee.

    I believe we are here, now, solely because of Grassley. When he let the entire hearing get out of hand with the Members AND the protesters, going on and on, it sent a signal that the Republicans were pushovers and could be manipulated in the way it has unfolded. It set the stage for Feinstein and accomplices to further this character assassination. When it wasn’t derailing the confirmation the next step was implemented. Thursday will be the beginning of the end. And I believe McConnell’s sudden “outrage” is just a ploy to save face for the others and means nothing in the end.

  4. My earlier suspicion may be coming to pass. The latest letter by the attorney for Ford is questioning McConnell’s floor speech and the use of an outside Counsel for the hearing. This sounds like the beginning of the termination of speaking to the Committee.

    The Attorney doesn’t ‘like’ the image of a ‘cross-examination’, although the charge leveled by their client DID level a charge that constitutes a criminal act and therefore should be treated as such. The Motivation may be ‘political in nature’ but the specifics are ‘criminal in nature’.

  5. Such a travesty to watch these events unfurl..it doesn’t feel like the country I grew up in. The dims are tearing us apart, and with people like Grassley running the show, he definitely let things get out of hand. Hopefully, Judge Kavanaugh gets in after all the children’s games being played .

  6. In light of the newest allegations does anyone remember the debates on school bathrooms when Cuomo asserted a person had some kind of issue if they were against the proposal of men entering a girls bathroom.

  7. For good reasons I don’t believe a word that Dr. Ford is alleged to have said about her ‘repressed’ memory; but Judge Kavenaugh’s ‘chastity’ was not put in question. In truth, his credibility isn’t even the issue.

    What has become the issue in this matter is that Dr. Ford’s memory is faulty, at best. She does also admit to having been a minor (15) under the influence of alcohol at the time of the alleged incident, while she doesn’t know where or when it occurred. In effect, her allegation falls apart all on it’s own

    Without corroboration of any kind her allegation doesn’t deserve any consideration. She (and the Democrats) are using a Congressional forum to defame a sitting judge without evidence.

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