Judge Nap says GOP got what they wanted on impeachment, HUH?


Never Trumper Judge Napolitano defended House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s no-due process star chamber of Fox & Friends this morning.

The Judge claimed there was a precedent for secret meetings going back to Bill Clinton’s testimony in 1998.

The Judge stupidly said the Democrats gave Republicans “what they wanted.” He claims that it’s the same procedure that allows for all information to eventually filter through the public.

If this President gets any due process or transparency, it will be after every possible Democrat soundbite torching the President is in the public square.


Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi explained the precedents the Judge seems to know nothing about.

“Due process, rights for the accused, and the presumption of innocence are foundational principles of the American judicial system because they ensure fairness and give legitimacy to verdicts and sentences,” Wicker said. “Unlike the impeachment inquiries into Presidents Nixon and Clinton, the current House investigation lacks these constitutional guarantees. If House Democrats continue to conduct this process as a partisan exercise with a predetermined outcome, then the findings cannot be taken seriously.”

“The current House investigation has not been authorized by a vote, and the minority party has been given limited participation and power in the proceedings. President Trump, the subject of the investigation, has also not been given due process protections constitutionally guaranteed to all Americans, including the right to counsel, to present and object to evidence, and to call and cross-examine witnesses.”



  1. Every time Fox puts this Napolitano anti-trumper on I switch to Animal Planet, this guy was a judge???? really !!!!!!

  2. I just lost any respect I had for the guy. Like Juan Williams, Judge n has his head up his ass and has not a clue what real air smells like.

  3. I have noticed that the Napster has been having difficulty with his rational thought processes for a while.
    I think he’s suffering from early senility complicated by a severe case of TDS.
    In my semi-professional opinion, that is my thought on the matter.
    Just sayin’.

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