Judge Napolitano Boils the Gun Debate Down to Six Words


Judge Napolitano

The problem with Barack Obama’s gun laws this week was boiled down succinctly by Judge Napolitano this evening into six words – he does not have the authority. Sadly, 67% of the American public, according to a new CNN poll, say they agree with the president’s decision. They agree to a president ignoring the law of the land.

Judge Napolitano was asked by Megyn Kelly about the wisdom of what Barack Obama is doing with his latest gun fiats. He explained that it’s not about the wisdom, it’s the fact that he does not have the authority to do what he’s doing.

The president was not intellectually honest, Judge Napolitano said, Congress writes the laws but Obama has chosen to write gun laws through executive action.

Congress has already weighed in and he cannot overcome the decisions of Congress because it then makes him a prince, not a president.



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