Judge Napolitano Describes Conditions of Rice’s Potential “Hacking” and “Espionage”


Judge Napolitano discussed Susan Rice on Fox & Friends, agreeing that because she has the highest level of national security clearance, she is entitled to unmask but she only has the right to unmask for national security purposes.

“…Can she reveal the identity of an American for a purpose other than national security? Absolutely not. Can she ask for more Americans involved an then unmask them and say to her boss, ‘by the way, guess what Trump and Manafort were talking about last night?’ You know what that’s called? That’s called espionage. That’s called the failure to safeguard top secret information.”

Judge Napolitano said she has one boss – Barack Obama.

She needs to answer questions as to why she unmasked. She must be challenged. If she did it for no national security involvement, it’s “hacking and espionage”.

Rep. Ron DeSantis has another idea. he wants her prosecuted. Her lying tripped her up.

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