Judge Napolitano Discusses Hillary’s Husband Covering Up Her Espionage Crimes


judge nap clinton server

Bill Clinton tried to defend his wife’s email scandal for the first time Tuesday. He used an analogy to diminish its importance and called it a game. Judge Napolitano explained what he’s up to.

Judge Napolitano brought up the fact that a recent FBI filing indicated that their investigation of her server shows it’s not only an investigation but it involves criminality.

So much for Hillary’s insistence that the FBI are merely conducting a security review. She is a liar but I state the obvious.

There are two investigations, Dr. Napolitano explained, one is about public corruption and the other of espionage. The corruption charge may go on beyond the election and involves her foundation taking monies from foreign entities.

Bill Clinton knows the investigation is coming to an end and Hillary’s interview is all that is left. The Judge said that Clinton is referring to the filing indirectly and is preparing the public.

For those who don’t know, a recent FBI filing proved the investigation was not simply a ‘security review’ as Mrs. Clinton repeatedly claimed.

This is the information on the filing if you need the background information:

Breaking Information on Hillary’s ‘Security Review’

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6 years ago

Yes it is espionage. One indication of many is Hillary’s desire to take her personal communication device into the most sensitive areas. Just as she has sent restricted info over her personal email, she intended to send sensitive info from her phone for profit.