Judge Napolitano Is Angry with Attorney General Jeff Sessions


Judge Napolitano is very angry with the Sessions DoJ for protecting Loretta Lynch aka Elizabeth Carlisle. He believes there is a cover up and Sessions’ DoJ is protecting Lynch and other Obama administration officials.

Loretta Lynch was using the alias Elizabeth Carlisle in her communications. The Obama administration used aliases as a matter of course, probably to avoid FOIA. Hillary of course had her own server to hide her communications.

Lynch used her grandmother’s name as an alias when communicating about the famed tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton. Judge Napolitano asked, “Why would she use an alias if she’s got nothing to hide?”

The judge explained, “There is nothing illegal or nothing unethical about using the alias, but it is odd and it does raise the intent. Now she did tell the Freedom of Information Act people that she used the alias.” He then showed host Stuart Varney a folder of heavily redacted communications that were turned over. When those emails from “Elizabeth Carlisle” were produced, they were completely redacted.

Napolitano asks, “Who did the blacking out?” He immediately answered his question, “The Jeff Sessions Justice Department. That’s what has me infuriated. I would have expected the Obama Justice Department trying to protect its attorney general. But if she did something untoward with Bill Clinton and she apparently did, we have the right to know about it.”

Varney said he understands why the President is angry with Sessions. It’s a violation of the President’s stated policy of transparency.

The judge wants to know why “the present administration wants to protect its predecessor?” Then he suggested it is so successors won’t come after them.

“That’s the dirty little secret of the Justice Department and it’s condemnable…,” he concluded.

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