Judge Napolitano, Hillary and Off to Jail She Goes



Anyone who listened to the Hillary Q & A session before Congress on Benghazi last time around would have been frustrated by the fact that she was not under oath and was given a pass by sycophantic bloviators who call themselves representatives of the people. Will we get more of that today?

Hopefully the congressmen were listening to Judge Napolitano on Fox & Friends this morning when he made some suggestions about how to ask a question and get a substantive answer.

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Sean Hannity last night what he will be looking for in Thursday’s hearings and he repeated his firm belief that Hillary committed crimes that could send her to jail.

He will be looking for Mrs. Clinton to say that she has held back information or to profess ignorance of facts we know she knows about. He is looking for her to say things that will help the FBI put the puzzle together about whether they should be looking for espionage, destruction of government property, obstruction of justice, and perjury charges against her.

Hillary not only didn’t tell the truth but for the time right after Benghazi to nearly Thanksgiving, she submitted no emails, he said in disbelief.

The Judge is convinced that Hillary Clinton’s status is grave or worse than grave and she could be facing prison time. There is a prima facie case against her.

He has faith in the system.

We know the emails contained classified information. The emails contained the name of a CIA officer operating under deep cover; the travel schedule of Ambassador Stevens; intercepts of foreign agents in the Middle East; and satellite coordinates, photos of North Korean nuclear sites, and more. Judge Napolitano wonders how anyone could think this information isn’t classified.

What dimwit wouldn’t know that these are confidential?

Hillary is in real legal jeopardy and could face a criminal trial. There is nothing that will frustrate the FBI more than obstruction of justice by a high-ranking government official who is a lawyer who knew what the law was.

If the Justice Department fails to indict if a bill is presented, then senior FBI officials will resign and there will be leaks, he believes, and then it will be up to the public to decide.

The Judge analyzed on “Hannity”.

We might not get the answers we want Thursday because they will probably ask questions like a blowhard politician and not a lawyer.

The Judge was on Fox & Friends this morning and discussed how questions have to be asked. He suggested a couple interesting ones. One very important question is about the illicit arms deal she signed off on.

Here is another question about Ambassador Stevens’ travel plans being put on the non-governmental server.

Some of the possible charges that need to be investigated are listed but meanwhile, the Clinton campaign are fundraising off the testimony today and off the deaths of four loyal Americans.

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  1. Hillary Clinton is a SoulLess PSYCHOPATIC LIAR Murderer and Criminal, without an iota of conscience. Why she is not yet in prison beats me and she still has the courage to run for the President of USA? Sigh…

    • If Hillary is not prosecuted this country is on the way to a full blow dictatorship and all it’s trimmings. Young military men have been prosecuted for far less security exposures and lost their careers. General Patreas was no doubt prosecuted for not going along with this administrations agenda on Benghazi and other policies. He was disgraced and trashed. We, the People must demand that Hillary and other powerful officials are NOT above the laws of this country. The media should demand justice not twist the crimes of the powerful and protect them! I am damn tired of all the talking. Sick of hearing that Hillary is “to big to jail”!! Have we really come to this place in America?!? That such a woman can laugh at her crimes and obvious lies and continue on as a presidential candidate?! Where is our true grit and our loud public objections to this nonsense? Where are the leaders that valued our freedoms and demanded that no one was above the laws that are at the heart of democracy and freedom?? Have those that lead and protect us bowed down to the demands of the powerful? I PRAY this is not the substance of our cummulative condition in America.

  2. Hillary Clinton thinks she is immune from prosecution based on her status and wealth!! We the People are tired of the Above the Law attitude she and many other politicians have these day!! We are ready to take the Entire Obama administration to the Gallows and hang tho whole bunch of them!! Our Country is not for politicians to run but is for We the People to run!! We have been awakened and will see that justice is served for them all!!

  3. Look at he on hearing today, she did not know or really care about the ones who died, she was reading everything about them. You would think she would have known everything about then it has been over 3 years and it has been in the news. She does not deserve to be our commander and chief just as out current president should not be. We need someone in office who loves America and honors our fallen and veterans.

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