Judge Napolitano Says Hillary Committed Another Felony During the Hearings



Hillary Clinton knew unequivocally that the attack on the Benghazi consulate had nothing to do with a video. Her own staff warned her to not use that as an excuse because people hadn’t heard about the video in Libya. Hillary then went out and told the families of the victims that they died because of a video.

The Judge believes Hillary’s latest batch of emails prove she deceived Congress about the video while she was under oath.

An indictment would be for espionage, failure to secure national documents, lying to a Federal judge about turning over all the documents, lying to Congress, among other charges.

Judge Napolitano believes that if Obama stays out of it she will be indicted.

What are the chances that will happen?




  1. Well, that’s not gonna happen. The plutocracy must rally round and protect itself from the wrath of those who perceive to be idiots.

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