Judge Napolitano Says Trump Was Definitely Spied On


Evidence now points to President Trump being wiretapped/surveilled by the Obama administration. This deduction comes after revelations that Paul Manafort was wiretapped after FISA warrants were issued while he was in contact with candidate Donald Trump and his campaign.

Judge Napolitano argues the surveillance of Paul Manafort definitely included spying on the future President Trump. He said the government was spying on Manafort in Trump Tower where he kept his business.

If they are indeed FISA warrants, the threshold is very low to obtain them, but whatever comes from that conversation cannot be used to prosecute Manafort. Criminal warrants have a higher threshold and can be used in a criminal case against Manafort.

Judge Napolitano said, “When Jim Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee under oath, ‘I know of no surveillance in Trump Tower’, how could he not have known of this if his own FBI was doing it?”

The wiretapping continued into 2017 and Manafort kept his office in the Tower into 2017.

Judge Nap continued by saying if it was a criminal warrant, Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett could not have gotten near it but if it was a FISA warrant, they could and the information could have been used to help candidate Hillary Clinton.

If the Obama administration used a national security subterfuge to spy on the opposition, it’s a felony.

Mueller is planning to have Manafort indicted to get him to turn state’s evidence against Trump.

We have already covered the story HERE and HERE.

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  1. Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, was supposed to be in a hearing but it was cancelled. Given what’s being reported these Senators better damn well get off their tuchas and convene a serious hearing of what was going on in the last administration.

  2. Senator Lindsey Graham wants Comey to testify about Comey’s draft letter exonerating Clinton, now it looks like Comey has even more questions to answer, when he said ‘I know of no surveillance in Trump Tower’ when there was surveillance in Trump Tower’, I hope this will be an open to public testimony. i’ll have my popcorn ready !!!!!!

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