Judge Napolitano, Ted Cruz: Obama Amnesty Plan Is Dead – Videos



In the first video, Judge Napolitano explains the latest Texas ruling which deals a devastating blow to Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty.

Jeh Johnson isn’t simply rewriting law, he’s creating it, the Texas judge wrote in his opinion.

Watch Judge Napolitano on The Kelly File last evening:

As Sen. Cruz said – there is a great deal of bipartisan support for closing the borders and reworking immigration law, but not this way. The president cannot just do what he wants because Congress won’t do exactly what he mandates.

Congress is the only branch of government that speaks for the people. It is the peoples’ branch of government. Somehow the left has convinced people that when Congress fights back, they are the ones violating the law, not the president. All Congress is doing is using the tools the Constitution – the law of the land – gives them.

Sen. Cruz is brilliant and his perspective on the illegal amnesty is important to hear.

Sen. Cruz said the Democrats should look at this victory – a major victory for the rule of law – and allow the Homeland Security funding bill to move forward.

Senate Democrats are filibustering the bill to fund DHS and won’t even allow it to be taken up. They won’t negotiate and insist on the Senate doing exactly what Barack Obama ordered.

This victory makes the Democrats’ position untenable since they are blocking a bill to fund DHS to back illegal amnesty.

The administration is counterfeiting immigration documents by printing work documents that are in opposition to the law, Sen. Cruz pointed out.


John Boehner gave a dramatic speech in January enumerating the 22 times Barack Obama said he could not pass amnesty.



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