Judge Napolitano With Some News on Rejecting Refugees


Twenty-five states have declared that they will not accept refugees until they can be vetted but Judge Napolitano said the president will ignore them because he has the power to bring in unlimited numbers of refugees. That comes as news for some of us but he’s the judge said it’s clearly a Federal responsibility.

The judge said the president is charged with vetting them properly but he won’t. The judge also discussed the appropriateness of taking the refugees in on the video of his appearance on The Kelly File.

During this video, you can hear Rep. Peter King, who is the former Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security and currently serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, explain that there is no way the refugees from some countries can be vetted due to the lack of available information.


Andy McCarthy might disagree. In 2012, in a piece for the National Review Online, wrote, As I’ve contended before, nowhere in the Constitution was the national government vested with an enumerated power over immigration enforcement. Congress was empowered only to set the terms for naturalization — to determine who qualifies for American citizenship. The police power, the power to enforce laws within their respective territories, was left to the states — left to the representative governments closest to the people whose lives, liberties, and property were most affected by the manner of enforcement.

Also at the beginning of the next tape, you can hear FBI Director Jim Comey’s warning about the jihadists.

Fran Townsend, a counterterrorism expert appeared on The Kelly File Monday evening and came up with some astounding figures on ISIS fighters currently in the US. She said there are a minimum of 250 foreign fighters in the US who have fought with ISIS and have returned, and in addition the FBI has identified 1000 subjects who have some affiliation with ISIS.

We saw what 27 people did in France, how much damage could 1250 cause?

It was John Kerry who promised that returning fighters would be arrested getting off the planes upon returning home. That was just another lie.

It’s also worth noting that CIA Director James Clapper said we only have 40 here. Which is it? I believe Fran Townsend and Jim Comey.



  1. The judge has been wrong on so many things that I do not listen to him anymore. For example, his interpretation of birthright citizenship made no sense. Congress has power including funding to block Obama. The judge is simply an immigration zealot and uses his stature as a judge to influence people.

    • What ever. If the state refuses to fund them, refuses to pay shelter, etc…
      , they have no where to go but FEMA camps where they belong.

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